Photo: Border Guard
Approximately 5,000 people cross border each year
Photo: Border Guard

Egypt police kill Israeli Bedouin in border crossing attempt

Officers shoot dead man attempting to illegally cross border from Israel; security sources say man carried no identification papers

Egyptian police shot and killed a man attempting to illegally cross the border into Egypt from Israel, security sources said on Thursday.


The sources said the man had Bedouin features and wore clothes worn by Bedouin in the Sinai Peninsula, but carried no papers that could properly identify him. Police shot the man dead after he tried to run, the sources said.


Police did not have any indication that the dead man was involved in smuggling, which is common along the Egyptian-Israeli border and often leads to clashes with border patrols.


Last Friday two Egyptian policemen were killed by IDF fire on the Israel-Egypt border, near Mount Sagi.


At first, IDF officials believed that the two were terrorists dressed as Egyptian security personnel, but Israeli security forces later confirmed that the two were Egyptian police officers.


70 Sudanese citizens captured


Last month Internal Security Minister Avi Dichter said he would recommend building a fence on Israel's southern border if Egypt continues to allow smugglers to infiltrate Israel.


He added that he would discuss the matter with Prime Minister Ehud Olmert, Defense Minister Amir Peretz and Justice Minister Haim Ramon.


Border Guard police officers briefed the minister on the operations carried out at the border. According to the police officers, in the past year one and a half they captured one and a half tons of marijuana, two Kalashnikov rifles and two guns. Some 70 Sudanese citizens who tried to cross the border were also captured.


Border Guard officials estimated that approximately 5,000 people cross the border every year, 900 of whom stay and work in Israel. 


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