Photo reproduction: Roni Schitzer
'Now they present us as the guilty ones.' Nazya Hayek
Photo reproduction: Roni Schitzer
Photo: Gil Yohanan
MK Mohammad Barakeh
Photo: Gil Yohanan

Arab-Israelis outraged over Zada lynch arrests

Brother of Zada killing spree victim says ‘instead of destroying Zada’s home and family, they are destroying families in our community; Jewish MK: Those who committed lynch are murderers, just like Zada

The brother Nadar Hayek, who was killed by Eden Natan Zada in Shfaram ten months ago, said following the arrests of suspects in the lynching of the Jewish terrorist “the police cannot arrest these people. The soldier (Zada) came to our home and killed innocent people; now they present us as the guilty ones.”


“Instead of destroying Zada’s home and family, they are destroying families in our community,” Nazya Hayek said.


Hayek said his family has not yet recuperated from the loss of Nadar.


“Our parents are constantly in and out of the hospital; they are not coping. Now we will have to relive everything. I have no words to describe how painful it is,” he said.


Hadash party MK Mohammad Barakeh said “such arbitrary arrests are meant to serve the right-wing on the eve of the one year anniversary to Zada's massacre. The residents of Shfaram protected themselves when they realized that the killer meant to murder more people. Police and the security forces have been searching ever since for an alibi in order to falsify the facts and deny the fact that there has been a massacre in town."


“If anything, the investigation should have focused on police conduct, including their original report that the incident was ethnically-motivated,” he said.


MK Ahmad Tibi of the United Arab List-Ta’al party said the arrests “falsely present the terrorist as a victim, and vive-versa. If Zada would be given the chance he would continue his killing spree; I hope the court will prove the suspects acted in self-defense.”


'Arrests are important'


MK Jamal Zahalka (National Democratic Assembly) said after the arrests "they put the blame on the victim, once again. In Shfaram there was vile killer who killed four civilians and the residents protected themselves. Instead of adding insult to injury the police must investigate who the killer's accomplices were and who turned a blind eye."


United Arab List-Ta’al Chairman Talab El-Sana said the “the residents of Shfaram fell victim to a terrible massacre due to Israel Police’s failure to protect them and thwart the killer’s plot. Now police are trying to blame the victims.”


MK Uri Ariel, chairman of the National Union-National Religious Party, said “the arrests are important as they stress the fact that the law is being enforced all throughout the country. Those who committed the lynch are murderers, just as Zada was a vile murderer.


Ilan Marciano and Roee Nahmias contributed to the report 


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