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Gaza: Family killed outside home

Four members of al-Mughrabi family killed while IAF hits terror cell in Gaza; father's brother recounts events

Ashraf al-Mughrabi, his son Maher, his nephew Hashem and another family member were killed Tuesday in an Israel Air Force strike in Gaza. Eleven Palestinians were killed in the attack, eight of them civilians.


Talking to Ynet, Ashraf's brother Ayman al-Mughrabi recounted the grave incident.


Ashraf was about to leave for his work at a barber shop, when "a chopper fired the first missile on the car, just next to the house entrance. The door was displaced by the intensity of the blast and shock wave, and Ashraf went out to see what happened."



Ashraf's son and nephew also went outside, "and then the other missile was fired, killing them along with other civilians," the brother said.


Ashraf worked as a barber and provided for a wife, four children and his mother, who lived with the family. He was late to leave for work "and destiny lay in waiting," his brother told Ynet.


Hundreds of mourners were waiting for the three bodies still kept at the Shifa Hospital in Gaza. Ayman al-Mughrabi sounded hurt and angry: "In a second they wiped out an entire family, and they had better not say that they were armed, our children and my brother."


'Only painful response will pay for family's casualties'


"The nephews are seven and 10 years old, so what weapons could they have been carrying? An RPG or what? And the family wiped out by the Israeli family several days ago at the beach, were they also armed?" he charged.


He added in rage: "The Israeli pilots can see everything through their telescopes. They can see the ant and exactly what she is doing, but when it comes to the Palestinians' lives, their technology stops working and innocent people are simply killed."


The al-Mughrabi family was destroyed and remains without a father, who was its only wage earner, and without two children, "but Allah will be with us and that's enough. He will provide for us and he will bring us comfort," Ayman said, adding that he hopes the Palestinian organizations avenge the family's blood.


"No compensation and no lawsuit will compensate us. Only a painful response by our organizations will pay for the family's casualties and for our pain. Allah, through his power and strength, will repay them with the same amount of pain, God willing. Only terror attacks by the resistance organizations will pay for the casualties' blood," the brother concluded.


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