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Amona evacuation
Photo: Amit Shabi

Extreme Right: Spark intifada to prevent expulsions

Flyer distributed by extreme right-wing activists from West Bank sketches three possible scenarios to combat realignment; one consists of vandalizing Arab Israeli property to ignite countrywide violence and prevent withdrawal. Other plots include: Hacking military computers and giving soldiers food-poisoning

An announcement distributed Tuesday at an assembly saluting soldier Hananel Dayan, who refused to shake IDF Chief of Staff Lt.-Gen. Dan Halutz’s hand, informs of the mood on the Right wing towards the evacuation compensation plan for West Bank settlements.


Behind the flyers stand the “prevent and delay” group, made up of extreme Right wing activists from the Samaria region. Their plan includes damaging army equipment, infecting military computers with viruses, infiltrating substances to cause soldiers indigestion, and their most extreme tactic: attempting to incite an Intifada among Arab Israelis that will delay the evictions.


“The Israeli government, as is known, is plotting to complete the expulsion process that started in Gush Katif, and soon we may be faced with another deportation, with even greater dimensions. And how will we organize? Do we continue to believe and to plant?


The announcement presents three possible scenarios. The first is the “Amona Scenario”: “Expulsion forces come in black, and this time with more determination and less sensitivity. Again, thousands of settlers and people from the orange community (the color chosen to represent anti-pullout sentiments), hole up in settlements designated for agitation. The dominant mood is that at the height of the (agitation) at Kfar Darom. Not a hand is raised in violence. The struggle is obstinate. Clubs, horses, water hoses. Thousands of wounded and a media frenzy. The process is delayed for a few days, but in the end is completed. Public frustration rises and a mood of bitterness and wretchedness (this time we really won’t forgive) dominates.


The IDF– 'an enemy by every definition'


The second scenario is the “Defensive Attack”: “The lesson from how things happened from Kfar Meimon to Kfar Darom has been learned. No longer will we rely on “authorized” leadership, which accepts the government’s edicts and deteriorates along with it to devastation. If the defense forces have become an army of destruction of expulsion, than it is an enemy by every definition. Initiated defense centers have been established in every settlement. Youth are signing up on volunteer lists and are deploying in the field. Organized plans are being put together, equipment is being collected.”


“The method – the best defense is to attack,” the flyers proclaims. It details the strategies: “Groups are going out initiating activities to delay and prevent delivery of army materials. Thousands of pierced Jeep tires, dozens of trucks on fire… an anonymous hacker infiltrates military computers and sends destructive viruses to disrupt computerized processes, logistical records go up in flames,” and more.


Third Intifada


The third scenario is country-wide chaos. “Similarly organizing, but less controlled, centers of friction between Jews and Arabs are established. A group of youth with responsible vision and initiative, who understand that the government’s conduct is anarchy, go to the villages at night and make merry with the enemy’s property. Violence breaks out in Lod, Ramle, Jaffa, Haifa, Wadi Ara and the Galilee. Flyers threatening against Israeli Arabs are handed out in cities. The fire is lit and Arabs inside the Green Line break out in a third Intifada. The expulsion plan is off the agenda and delayed until further notice.”


At the end of the flyers, a disclaimer says: “This material is for thought only (not, God forbid, for action…).”


Yesha Council: Without violence


Meanwhile, the Council of Jewish Settlements in Judea, Samaria and the Gaza Strip is preparing for its campaign against the realignment. From Friday, a pamphlet will be distributed at synagogues across the country under the title “Our Yesha,” to “prepare the public for the struggle against the plan.”


The pamphlet notes that on Sunday a “Prayer and cry” will be held at the Western Wall.


“It is our duty to carry out an obstinate, determined and aggressive struggle, while maintaining clear boundaries that exclude physical and verbal violence,” the pamphlet notes.


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