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Rabbi: Olmert may suffer Sharon's fate

Rabbi Dov Wolpe of Kiryat Gat says 'we've seen what Almighty can do to those who carry out evacuation, and this time there is chance it will happen before evacuation'

Rabbis from the SOS Israel organization are preparing for the next round of evacuations of illegal outposts and the realignment program.


Rabbi Dov Wolpe of Kiryat Gat, and a member of the organization, said Thursday: "We are sure that the realignment in Samaria will not take place. We saw what the Almighty can do to those who carry out an evacuation, and now there is chance it can happen before the withdrawal."


The comments will be published in full this weekend in the Kol Hadarom newspaper.


The organization has held a meeting recently in order to fund the purchase of helmets and protective pads for youths who will try to prevent the evacuation of settlements in the West Bank.


'Draft is desecration of God's name'


"We want the fewest number possible of youths being injured and hospitalized. I think that every youth about to be drafted must condition the draft on a promise by defense authorities that he will not take part in the evacuation of settlements, and if there is no such promise then it is a desecration of the name of God to be drafted," the rabbi added.


When asked whether he thought his comments constituted clear incitement, Rabbi Wolpe added: "Let the Almighty come and interrogate me tomorrow. I am sticking to my version."


The SOS Israel organization also has a clear plan for dealing with horses and mounted police officers who will take part in the evacuation if it takes place.


"It can't be that horses will decide the fate of the Land of Israel. It's enough that we have leaders that are similar to animals," the rabbi said.


He refused to discuss the details of the plan, saying: "If we tell you, you'll tell the horses."


"We are pushing back the arrival of the messiah due to loathing of the Land of Israel. And in view, two train accidents took place during the time of the Shlah Torah portion, in which spies are sent to check the land, and they bring back defamation, and therefore this means we are loathing the land and we are paying the price with lives," Rabbi Wolpe asserted.


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