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Palestinian Prime Minister Ismail Haniyeh
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Report: Palestinian factions sign unity document
Palestinian sources say Fatah, Hamas representative sign agreement based on prisoners document
Palestinian sources said Tuesday that a unity document between Palestinian factions, based on the prisoners' document, has been signed.


Later Wednesday, a press conference is expected in which representatives of the factions will present the details of the agreement.


A source in the Supreme Committee for Dialogue between the Palestinian factions said that an understanding has been reached between

all of the factions, headed by Hamas on one side, and Fatah and Mahmoud Abbas on the other, regarding all of the issues which were previously disputed.


He said, "if there won't be surprises, the document will be signed tonight by representatives of all of the Palestinian faction, in the presence of the Palestinian president and Prime Minister Ismail Haniyeh."


The source added that the signature will cancel plans to hold a national referendum that threatened to factionalize the Palestinian street, and which raised the pressure level in the PA in recent weeks.


The prisoner's document calls for the establishment of a Palestinian state alongside Israel, and to focus the armed conflict within the confines of the West Bank, while emphasizing the PLO's role as the sole representative of the Palestinian people, and as being responsible for negotiations.


The last division that took place between the sides focused on the issue of setting up a unity government, a division the Palestinian source said has been resolved.


Nablus: Hamas gunmen on parade


Dozens of Hamas gunmen held a military parade in Nablus, the first such display for a year. The gunmen welcomed the Palestinian organizations for "their successful attacks and kidnappings against Israel," and promised that "the resistance would continue."


Since the calming down period, Hamas' armed wing has refrained from public appearances in West Bank cities, and has also absorbed a number of IDF and Shin Bet strikes that have affected its ability to function.


The immediate reason for the parade was fear by Hamas sources that Fatah fighters would close down the government office in protest of the delay of salaries of clerks. The display however showed that Hamas has returned to activities in the West Bank.


The parade has strengthened reports that Hamas has in recent months made attempts to renovate its military wing. Palestinian security sources told Ynet that Hamas politburo head Khaled Mashaal personally watched over the renewal process of Hamas' military wing, in an attempt to form a central power base in the West Bank, rather than Gaza alone.


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