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Abu Abir (top): Settlers, soldiers will find us everywhere
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Eliyahu Asheri

PRC: Kidnapping settler teen was easy

Spokesman for the Popular Resistance Committee says Eliyahu Asheri’s abduction, execution proves 'Israel’s security is paper tiger'; adds: Teen killed when Gaza offensive launched. We will kidnap and kill you and burn the earth beneath you. We promise to drown you in fear and terror,' spokesman says

According to claims made by a spokesman for the Popular Resistance Committee, Israeli teen Eliyahu Asheri, who was murdered by Palestinian militants this week, was not killed on Sunday as assessed by the IDF but was kept alive until Tuesday and executed when Israel launched a large-scale attack on Gaza.


“We decided to kill him only after we saw that the IDF, (Prime Minister Ehud) Olmert and (Defense Minister Amir) Peretz didn’t care about the Israeli soldier’s life and continued to attack Gaza, despite our calls to stop,” Abed Aal, also known as Abu Abir, told Ynet Thursday. “When the attack didn’t stop, we understand that Asheri’s life held no value for the Israelis and we executed him.”


Abu Abir said that “Eliyahu Asheri’s abduction and execution proves that from our point of view, Israel’s security is a paper tiger, it is more fiction than truth, and we proved that in the kidnapping which was carried out easily and with no difficulties.”


Abu Abir displays kidnapped teen's ID card (Photo: AFP)


The spokesman said that Asheri’s kidnap an murder were done as a response to Israel’s assassination of PRC leader Jamal Abu Samhadana and commander of the Salah a-Din armed wing Sheikh Abed al Kuka.


“We promise that this will not be our last attempt,” Abu Abir declared. “Operation ‘Cavaliers’ Wrath’ is continuing and there will be more kidnappings. I promise Olmert and Peretz that when they spill Palestinian blood, our only response is through our operation: We will kidnap and kill you and burn the earth beneath you. We promise to drown you in fear and terror.”


How did the kidnapping take place?


“In order not to interfere with the operational activities of our mujahadeen cells, who are even now setting up ambushes for the next kidnapping, all I can say is that it was carried out between two main IDF checkpoints in the West Bank, and during the abduction the mujahadeen went through a number of checkpoints with the hostage. This proves that we have exposed to everyone the lie of the power and attitude of the Israeli security system.”


“The abduction was easy to carry out, and the hostage was alive for two days. Before we issued the announcement of his kidnap and after, the Israeli security system couldn’t decide who the kidnapped person was. Of course this only encourages us to continue the blessed Jihad and we promise more abductions in the near future.”


“Operation ‘Cavaliers’ Wrath’ will turn Israelis’ lives into hell. Soldiers and settlers will find us everywhere; we will come out at them from under the ground and above it. We will to attack from every direction. The Salah a-Din Brigades are completing preparations for the next big operation. We will kidnap and murder more Zionists,” he said.


But the murder of the hostage doesn’t improve your reputation in the world, and doesn’t help end the IDF incursion in Gaza.


“We executed a person belonging to the category of people who are stealing Palestinian land and daily harming Palestinian civilians. What is inhumane is the execution of our women and children in cold blood. The blood of Zionists is not dearer than the blood of our children, woman and warriors.


“We are operating under the policy of ‘an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth.’ The Zionist entity is the one that started the executions and assassinations, and some of the killings of our fighters were recorded on film. Therefore I don’t understand what world and what opinion you are referring to. That same world sees Palestinian blood spilt and sits by idly. We say that for every tear in every eye of a Palestinian, there will be many more Israeli tears. We don’t care about anyone’s opinion or anything but our blood being spilt.”


Addressing Israel and the family of the kidnapped soldier Cpl. Gilad Shalit, who is being held somewhere in Gaza, Abu Abir said: “Israel’s conduct in the last few days endangers the soldier’s life. See you were forewarned.”


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