Muslims in Britain said Hamas was 'too nationalist'
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UK Islamists: Make Jihad on Israel

British Jihad group declares 'Israel is cancer, Islam is answer,' calls on followers to carry out holy war

Radical Muslims in Britain have blasted Hamas for failing to carry out a "real" Islamic holy war, and have called for a Jihad against Israel following the recent escalation of the Israeli – Palestinian conflict in the Gaza Strip.


A number of British-based Muslim organizations have in recent days called on followers to wage war on Israel.


"What the Jews are doing in Palestine today will no doubt disturb any true Muslim," a statement authored by 'Abdul Aziz al-Dimashqi' said on the website of the Saved Sect group.


"However, what hurts us equally as much is to see the Muslims in Palestine calling for an independent Palestinian state, Palestinian constitutions, man-made law, democracy, freedom and so on. Hamas… have no intention of establishing the sharia (Islamic code), and are only concerned with having their own nationalistic state," the statement said.


In a direct warning to Hamas, the Jihadists organization wrote: "The Messenger of Allah also promised humiliation and disgrace for those who abandon jihad and become busy with the worldly life and seeking wealth."


The group also said that there few "real mujaahideen (holy fighters) in Palestine at the moment."


Calling on Muslims around the world to answer the call for jihad, the statement concluded: "If a terrorist is a person who resists occupation, calls for the implementation of Islam and fights for his rights, then we are terrorists."


In an earlier statement, the same group said that "Israel is a cancer, Islam is the answer."


During protests against the Danish cartoons of Islam's prophet, Muhammad, members of the organization held similar signs declaring that "Europe is a cancer." British police have since made a number of arrests of those suspected of organizing the demonstration.


'Fight, don't boycott'


"The only solution and divine method to liberate Muslim land is jihad. Jihad, in sharia, means fighting, not boycotting Coca-Cola or Fanta, and definitely not voting for man-made laws – as suggested by many hypocrites," the Saved Sect declared.


The organization also said that Jihad was a means to bring about its long-term vision of an enormous Islamic state occupying the whole of the Middle East.


"The Khilaafah (Islamic state) is undoubtedly the permanent solution for the Muslim Ummah," the statement said.


In pro-Jihad forums used by British Muslims, anti-Israel hatred peppered discussions.


"I'm so fed up with these dirty, filthy Israeli dogs. May Allah curse them and destroy them all, and may they face the same fate as Banu Qurayzah!" Wrote one user on the Muntadaa Islamist forum.


Qurayzah was the name of a seventh century Jewish tribe living in the Arabian Peninsula whose members were said to be killed by Islam's prophet.


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