Ramat Gan
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Ramat Gan residents live longest

Residents of central Israeli city, settlers live on average almost 81 years; Nazareth has lowest lifespan at 75

Ramat Gan is apparently the healthiest and most enjoyable Israeli city to live in, according to a new survey. Residents of the city, near Ramat Gan, live longer than residents of all of the other cities in Israel.


A community health report examined the quality of life in cities between 1998-2002, and was formulated by the Central Bureau of Statistics.


According to the figures, the average lifespan in Israel is 78.9 years. Women live longer, 80.8 years, compared to 76.8 years notched up by men.


In the Jerusalem district, residents live the longest, 80.1 years. The central district has the second highest lifespan, 79.7 years.


The lowest lifespan is in the southern region – just 77.3 years. In the north, residents succeed in reaching 77.9 years.


In the sub-district class, residents of Judea and Samaria and former Gaza residents take first place, living to on average 80.6 years.


Main cause of death: Cancer 


A look at cities and towns finds that the highest life expectation is in Ramat-Gan: 80.7 years. Next came Petah Tikva with 80.3 years and Bnei Brak with 80.2 years. Nazareth took up last place, with only 75.7 years.


The main causes of death in 2000: Cancer (23.5 percent), heart disease (21.4 percent) and blood vessel diseases in the brain (7 percent).


The lowest death rates from cancer and heart disease were registered in Jerusalem and

the West Bank.


The highest number of stillborns was found in the Abu Sannan (10 for every 1,000 births) and Kfar Kassam (9.8 for every 1,000 births). The lowest number of stillborns were found in the northern city of Nahariya (1.5 for every 1,000) and in the Arab Israeli town of Sakhnin (1.8 for every 1,000).


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