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Shikma Prison
Photo: Danny Solomon
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'Terrible infringement of the freedom of speech.' Marzel
Photo: Dudi Vaaknin

Right-wing activist deemed ‘security threat’

Israel Police detained Yitzhar settler Ariel Gruner, who heads organization that helps right-wing detainees, after Defense Minister Peretz signs arrest warrant. Security officials: Gruner poses real danger to country’s security, is a threat to general public and security forces. Rightist Baruch Marzel says ‘the arrest of a person who deals with civil rights should worry not only members of the Right; this is a terrible infringement of the freedom of speech’

Israel Police detained Yitzhar settler Ariel Gruner under a three-month administrative detention warrant and transferred him to Hashikma Prison.


Gruner heads the heads the Honenu organization, which helps right-wing detainees.


He was apprehended outside a Petach Tikva courtroom after Defense Minister Amir Peretz signed the arrest warrant. According to the security establishment Gruner’s activity “poses a real danger to the country’s security and is a threat to the general public and the security forces.”


Right-wing activists slammed the decision to arrest Gruner.


“The arrest of a person who deals with civil rights should worry not only members of the Right; this is a terrible infringement of the freedom of speech,” Baruch Marzel said.


Fellow rightist Itamar Ben-Gvir added: “If there is evidence then they should file an indictment, but if not –he should be released immediately.”


“I wonder why the advocates of civil rights and democracy remain silent.”


'Kahane was right'


The Honenu organization responded by saying that “the prime minister and defense minister have decided on the arrest to escape their troubles and take administrative measures against the settler public. The main reason for this is that that they do not acknowledge the court’s authority to rule according to the evidence.


“Gruner was arrested based on the ministers’ strategic decision,” the statement said.


Right-wing activists who managed to enter Joseph’s Tomb in Nablus with the help of the Honenu organization said in a statement, “We view this dictatorial arrest with severity and feel that this is a war between the Sons of Light and Sons of Darkness (from the Judean desert scrolls).”


Meanwhile, Shai District police detained for questioning a 22-year-old resident of the Maon Farm in south Mount Hebron on suspicion that he assaulted security officers.


During the arrest he was handed a restraining order according to which he may not return to his current place of residence for the next six months. Following his interrogation to suspect wrote “(Meir) Kahane was right” on the release forms.


It should be noted that recently 14 similar restraining orders have been issued against extreme right-wing activists due to plans to evacuate 4 West Bank outposts- three in Samaria and one in south Mount Hebron.


Security establishment officials said more orders are expected to be handed out in the coming days. 


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