Photo: Gil Yochanan
Prime Minister Ehud Olmert. 'Satisfactory performance'
Photo: Gil Yochanan

Poll: 81 percent back fighting in north

Dahaf Institute for Yedioth Ahronoth found that large majority of Israelis support continued fighting in Lebanon. Good news also for Olmert and Peretz

For Nasrallah's information, the public has buttressed support for the government: according to the Dahaf survey performed by Dr. Mina Tzemach for Yedioth Ahronoth, 81 percent of the public is for a continuation of the fighting in the north.


The survey also found that 58 percent of Israelis believe that fighting should continue until Hizbullah is completely eradicated. This number reached 69 percent among those living in the north. 23 percent of those surveyed think that the fighting should go on only until Hizbullah pulls back from the border. Only 17 percent think we should stop fighting and start negotiating.


According to the survey performed last night on a 513-respondent representative sample of the adult population in Israel including residents of the north – there is general satisfaction with the performance of Prime Minister Ehud Olmert. Some 34 percent responded that his response to the fighting in the north has been "very good," 44 percent responded his response has been fairly good, and only 8 percent responded that it is "very bad."


Support of Peretz


The defense minister, Amir Peretz, also earned wide support of his performance. What are your opinions of the minister's performance? 72 percent of those surveyed responded that they are satisfied with Peretz of which 30% believe his performance is "very good." Only 12 percent of those surveyed believe that his performance has been "very bad."


What about whether or not the military operation is justified? 86 percent of you think it is the correct path of action (as opposed to 97 percent of those living in the north) while only 14 percent of you think it is a mistake.


In terms of the IDF's performance in the war, it seems that the public is satisfied. The army enjoys support among 87 percent of the population. 62 percent of those asked responded that the army's performance is "very good." 25 percent responded that the army's performance is "fairly good." 5 percent responded that the army's performance has been "fairly bad," and 4 percent responded it has been "very bad."


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