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Mofaz. Supported by Israelis
Photo: Niv Calderon
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Peretz. Backed by only 21 percent
Photo: Ahiya Raved
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Olmert. Widespread support
Photo: Gil Yochanan

Public backs Olmert, misses Mofaz

About two thirds of public support government's policy in north, survey conducted by Rafi Smith Institute for Ynet and Globes reveals; women feel less secure, while men are more supportive of entering Lebanon with ground forces

The Israeli public backs Ehud Olmert: Seven days after the start of fighting in the north, two thirds of the Israeli public back the prime minister and his management of the security situation, a poll conducted for Ynet and Globes by the Rafi Smith Institute revealed.


The poll found that the percentage of northern residents who rely on the prime minister is higher than that of the general public. The defense minister, in comparison, received a lower number of backers, and part of the public still do not see him as appropriate for the role of defense minister.


Only 21 percent said that "Peretz was the most appropriate for the position of defense minister," which places him in a lower ranking than the previous defense minister (30 percent). Avigdor Lieberman, Avi Dichter, and Benjamin Netanyahu were ranked after Peretz.


Widespread support


The poll found that a majority of the public backs the government's policies, and over half of the public said that the IDF should continue bombing Lebanon from the air and not to enter through ground forces. A quarter thought ground forces should enter southern Lebanon, and only 10 percent claimed that diplomatic negotiations should be held with Lebanon and Hizbullah.


According to the poll held Monday among 500 men and women who represent the adult population in Israel, it was found that the majority of those asked (85 percent) think that the public is displaying high stamina, that two thirds of the public feel secure, and a majority if the public believes that the press is correctly reflecting the public's stamina level (around 59 percent).


It seems women feel less secure on the personal level than men (55 percent feel safe compared to 77 percent of men), and that men are more supportive of entering southern Lebanon with ground forces (31 percent compared to 21 percent of women).


There has also been a drop in support for the realignment plan (from 38 percent to 35 percent).


A poll held among northern residents alone found that compared the Israeli public in other areas, residents in the north are displaying a high stamina level (88 percent), but only 59 percent answered that they feel safe (lower than the 65 percent of the general public who said they felt safe).


Some 57 percent of northerners said the IDF must continue only through aerial bombardment and not enter Lebanon through ground forces, a lower level than the general public.


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