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Sharon area alert lifted
Earlier police erect roadblocks in Sharon area after receiving alerts that suicide bomber on his way to Israel to carry out attack; no explosives device found as of yet

Israel Police have lifted the alert in the Sharon area Wednesday afternoon after erecting roadblocks earlier at the entrances to Kfar Saba and nearby towns following warnings that a suicide bomber infiltrated the country.


During the morning hours a manhunt for the terrorist was conducted in the area.


Police are looking into the possibility that the terrorist was driven to Israel in a car that was later abandoned in the Arab-Israeli town of Kfar Qassem; no explosives device has been located as of yet.


Police erected roadblocks at entrances to cities in the Sharon area around 10:20 a.m. on Wednesday for fear that a suicide bomber has infiltrated Israel to carry out an attack in Kfar Saba. 


Large police and Border Guard forces are conducting searches to locate the terrorists. Motorway 5 to Samaria has been blocked in the Petah Tikva area and cars are being searched.


In the Sharon area police have blocked major roads leading to city centers and asked commuters to use alternative roads, causing big traffic jams.


In light of the IDF operations in Gaza and Lebanon the security establishment raised the level of alert in Israel for fear that Palestinian groups would try to carry out terror attacks.


On Tuesday police deterred a terror attack in Jerusalem by arresting a Palestinian carrying an explosives belt.


First published: 19.07.06, 11:19
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