Photo: Channel 10
Scene of the rocket attack in Nazareth
Photo: Channel 10

Israel: Hizbullah firing on Christian holy city

Foreign Ministry orders ambassadors around the world to point out: 'Hizbullah directing missiles on Christian holy city'

Israel is planning on citing the lethal rocket attack on Nazareth as part of its public relations campaign.


The Foreign Ministry in Jerusalem ordered its ambassadors Wednesday to transfer a message to the nations of the world that "Hizbullah is directing its missiles also against a Christian holy city – Nazareth, out of an intention to strike their holy symbols." Two children, aged three and nine, were killed by the Hizbullah rockets while playing outside their Nazareth home.


A short time after the strike on Nazareth, the Foreign Ministry's senior officials held a meeting.


"They do not distinguish between Jews and Arabs and Christians. These rockets strike out of intention a holy city to Christianity, to send a message. Their ability to direct these rockets have been proven. There's no doubt that they planned to hit one of the central places of faith for Christians, a symbol of hundreds of millions around the world," a Foreign Ministry official said.


Ambassadors were told that it "it is just a coincidence that an ancient church was not struck there, a center for many Christian pilgrims."


A source in the Foreign Ministry stressed to Ynet that up to now the world believed that the Hizbullah attack was on Jews alone. "In actuality, as can be seen on strikes on Nazareth and other Arab communities, the terror is not directly only at Jews, and all Israeli citizens are exposed to it. There here is a message to the world, as to the true face of terror in general and the terror of Hizbullah specifically."


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