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Lebanese Prime Minister Fouad Siniora
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Photo: Reuters
Israeli raid on Hizbullah stronghold in Beirut
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Lebanese PM: Israeli operation will backfire
Speaking to Financial Times, Lebanese Prime Minister Fouad Siniora says Israel's military operation against Hizbullah would not lead to wanted results and would backfire

Speaking to the London-based Financial Times, Lebanese Prime Minister Fouad Siniora said that "the result of (what is happeing in Lebanon) has been unprecedented in Lebanese history. What’s happening has brought the country to its knees."


Members of his cabinet added that Israel's bid to weaken the Shiite group will boost the popularity of the Shiite group and weaken the Sunnis and Christians.


Siniora said Israel's response to the kidnapping of two soldiers is "unprecedented" and more destructive than the 1982 invasion of Lebanon.


He called for an immediate cease-fire for humanitarian reasons and made an appeal for urgent aid to rebuild the country.


Siniora told the Financial Times that Hizbullah's attack on Israeli soldiers was "not right" but added that if Israel sends in ground troops the Lebanese army would be mobilized.


Disappointed with Arab world


The Lebanese prime minister added that it is impossible to keep Syria and Iran at bay from what is happening in his country.


Siniora said he is seeking a solution to the current crisis that would allow the state to impose its authority over the whole country, bring about the release of the kidnapped Israeli soldiers and demarcate final borders between Israel and its neighbors including in the disputed Shebaa Farms.


He expressed disappointment with the Arab world's failure to condemn Israel's offensive against Lebanon.


Siniora said he is also disappointed with the failure of the international community to press Israel to end the offensive.


He said while everyone was mobilized to seek the release of the two Israeli soldiers, no one speaks about Lebanese prisoners in Israeli jails.


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