S. Lebanon, aftermath of airstrikes
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IDF to Lebanese: Inform on Hizbullah

Army airdrops leaflets on south Lebanon offering rewards to residents who share information on Hizbullah; provides phone number and email address to contact army

The IDF called on residents of Lebanon to pass on information on Hizbullah, in leaflets the army scattered across the southern villages in airdrops Friday.


Residents living south of the Litani river were requested to transfer information to the IDF via a phone number and email address printed on the leaflets. The IDF set up an internet website at


The leaflet read: “We turn to all those who can and want to help Lebanon, to remove the Hizbullah scar from your hearts and the heart of Lebanon, and to return to the previous period of independence and achievement.”


The leaflet provided a phone number and email address through which people could contact the army. Likewise, the army promised complete confidentiality as well as material compensation.


“We would accept with great appreciation any information that can contribute to restoring quiet to the area, so that we can fight terrorists efficiently and carefully. Please help us so that we can help you protect Lebanon from this evil, and return life to the normal routine. For your own wellbeing, contact us from places where no one knows you,” the leaflet read.


The IDF explained that the call was made for the personal security of area residents, as the south of Lebanon is the center of operations for Hizbullah, which operates from inside densely populated civilian areas.


It was further noted that the IDF does not see the population of south Lebanon as an enemy and was not interested in causing them harm.


“The IDF will continue to operate with determination against the threat of terrorism, and its offensive operations will continue until security is returned to citizens of the State of Israel and the two kidnapped soldiers are safely returned home," the leaflet read. 


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