Photo: Saar Hess
Rockets hit Nahariya Saturday morning
Photo: Saar Hess

Saturday: 100 rockets fired at Israel

Rockets fired at Safed, Western Galilee, eastern region of northern border and Haifa throughout Saturday afternoon, evening. No injuries reported in attacks. Rocket strikes during morning leave 18 injured

Rockets fired at north: Some 100 rockets landed in Israel throughout Saturday in massive barrages targeting many northern communities. The last rocket barrage landed in and around Nahariya at about 6:45 p.m. another barrage hit Safed. At the same time, sirens were activated in Haifa, across the Western Galilee, in Afula, Nazareth and Migdal Haemek.


Earlier rockets landed in the Nahariya and Shlomi region. A barrage was fired at about 4:45 p.m. at communities in the eastern area of the northern border, while earlier rockets landed in Haifa. No injuries were reported in the attacks.

Katyushas land off Haifa's shore (Photo: Shlomo Brodo)


Since Saturday morning, sirens were activated several times in Haifa, with no corresponding rocket attacks in the area until 3 p.m.. After a rocket-less night, Hizbullah began launching its Saturday barrage at approximately 10 a.m., covering the entire Galilee area with volleys of rockets. The areas of Kiryat Shmona, Nahariya, Carmiel, Safed and Ma'alot were hardest hit, fortunately resulting in few casualties.


As of 1 p.m., 66 rockets had landed and only 18 people were injured, one of them moderately, the rest sustaining light injuries or shock. Police in the Galilee district reported 26 rocket hits Kiryat Shmona, 2 in Yesod HaMa'aleh, 13 in Carmiel and 14 in Nahariya. Likewise, one rocket landed in the Golan, another one in Safed and eight in Ma'alot.


Meir Jan, who was in his car, 50 meters from one of the hit sites in Nahariya told ynet: "This is more than luck. Had I been driving a bit faster, I would have been at the spot that was hit. I guess someone up there is looking out for me. There was a huge explosion and loud noise. It's a miracle that shrapnel didn't hit me."


Adjacent to the hit site, several windows were blown out of nearby homes and buildings and one building was damaged by the blast. The rocket itself caused a hole in the street.


Friday afternoon, barrages of rockets hit Nahariya, Acre, Tiberias and Kiryat Shmona. Police reported that two of the rockets hit two buildings in Nahariya that were, luckily, empty. At least three rockets landed in open areas near Tiberias, not resulting in casualties. Two volleys of rockets landed in Safed and at least ten rockets landed in the Golan – there, too, not resulting in casualties.


Latest developments:


• According to Sky News, IDF forces entered Lebanon and took over a UN observation post. The report stated that IDF tanks and bulldozers entered the area, along with the forces.


• The Israel Air Force attacked a number of antennas used by Hizbullah's 'Radio Noor' radio station, north of Beirut. IDF sources reported that the organization uses radio broadcasts for propaganda purposes and anti-Israeli incitement.


• The EU announced that it will coordinate aid to Lebanon from different European nations. Additionally, the nations will send a team to Cyprus in order to help the large number of foreign residents who arrived there, after fleeing from Lebanon.


• The IAF shot at a number of tunnels used by Hizbullah across Lebanon. Additionally, a number of katyusha launch sites, rocket launch sites, major roads and two rocket launching cells were attacked.


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