Photo: Nir Vaknin
Qassam hits Negev (Archive photo)
Photo: Nir Vaknin
Qassam rockets fired at western Negev
Rockets land across western Negev throughout Sunday morning; no injuries reported. On Saturday, sources in Gaza claim Palestinian factions have reached agreement on halting Qassam fire from Gaza 'in order not to give Israel excuse to escalate situation'

The Palestinians may have reached an agreement on halting Qassam fire, but five Qassam rockets landed across the Negev area Sunday morning.


A Qassam rocket landed Sunday morning at about 10 a.m. near the Gevim Junction in the Sderot area. Three other rockets landed earlier in Israel's territory, near the Shaar hanegev regional council's industrial zone and in open areas close to kibbutz Mefalsim in the western Negev.


No injuries or damage were reported in the incidents.


On Sunday afternoon, another rocket was fired again from the northern Gaza Strip, landing in an open area near the Sderot cemetery.

There were no reports of injuries or damage.


On Saturday, Palestinian sources reported that organizations in the Gaza Strip came to an agreement to stop shooting Qassam rockets towards Israel. That having been said, a number of Palestinian organizations, including the Islamic Jihad and armed groups aligned with the Fatah said that they have no intention of stopping the barrages.


Pursuant to a number of meetings of the high committee of Palestinian factions in Gaza, organizations allegedly agreed to adopt a Hamas initiative declaring a cessation of Qassam rocket launchings "in order not to give Israel an excuse to continue the escalation of operations against Palestinians." 


The committee decided that, in the event of an Israel offensive following cessation of rocket fire, it will be a Palestinian prerogative to attack Israel. The committee further agreed not to publish the terms of the decision in order to prevent internal political responses and "in order to prevent Israel from creating a provocation that would force Palestinians to violate these terms."


Ali Waked contributed to the report


First published: 23.07.06, 08:19
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