Photo: Niv Calderon
Northern Command Chief Maj.-Gen. Udi Adam
Photo: Niv Calderon

Northern Command chief: Public must keep spirits high

Speaking to reporters IDF Northern Command Chief Maj.-Gen. Udi Adam calls on public to be patient; 'We are slowly closing in on launching sites. This is a well-executed effort, but the public needn't fall'

IDF Northern Command Chief Maj.-Gen. Udi Adam said Sunday that the army has achieved considerable progress in its fight against Hizbullah rocket attacks against Israel but added that the public needs to be patient.


"We are in the 11th day of fighting and over the last four days we deepened the ground operation and maneuvering which comes in addition to efforts by the air force, the navy and the intelligence," Adam told reporters.


He added that the aerial campaign has not been fully implemented.


Speaking to the army's achievements he said: "Brigade 35 entered the village to which the kidnapped soldiers were taken. The IDF conducted searches and found weapons. The army destroyed Hizbullah posts in the western section including the one called the troubled in Rosh Hanikra. We entered a village called Shourahim and we found stashes of arms and ammunitions."


He said Hizbullah is hiding weapons in and near Mosques.


Adam also spoke of the continuous rocket attacks on northern communities which suffer daily despite the army's operation.


"The operation continues according to our plan and despite the firing of rockets and missiles I think we are progressing. We need patience and the idea is to finish this with a victory.'


Closing in on launching pads


He was asked how Katyusha rocket fire continues despite the operation: "There are ups and downs in the number of firing incidents. We need to deal with this in terms of time since the operation started. It is important to end with a victory and meeting the targets. We are slowly closing in on launching areas. It is a well-executed task but the public needs to keep high spirits."


About the casualties in fighting he said: "Every war has a price and it is important not to analyze the IDF's tactics, certainly not in the media. Every war or fight involves casualties and certainly at the beginning this has a price."


As to the possibility of entering deep inside Lebanese territory, Adam said: "We have no intention of serving the will of Hizbullah by reaching certain areas, apart from doing so in the right context and in synergy with all the establishments. Depth is not important, there are places we don't need to enter and there are others that should be entered for tactical reasons."


Regarding the bodies of 13 Hizbullah terrorists killed in fighting with the IDF, the Northern Command chief said he hasn't sent soldiers to collect the bodies for safety reasons, but added that the IDF will do so to prevent the bodies from deteriorating in open space.


He described a difficult fight in Maroun al-Ras: "The battle started with a problem which we managed to overcome through back-up troops and therefore we suffered casualties. But we need to understand this will cost more. Paratroopers who were there took control of the area well, professionally and very seriously."


Was it a mistake to send special forces to Maroun al-Ras during the day?


The answer is no. When a force is attacked there is no place to ask questions related to tactical mistakes. There is a decision and every commander is working according to his professional judgment.


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