Rockets hit Tiberias
Damage in Kiryat Shmona
Photo: Baruch Grosswold
Photo: Ariel Bokovza
Barrage hits Akko
Photo: Ariel Bokovza
Katyusha in north
Photo: Avi Cohen

Monday: 81 rockets hit north, 50 hurt

Rockets land across Galilee Monday afternoon. Two civilians moderately to seriously injured in Maalot; five hurt in Tiberias. Some 50 people hurt by rockets since morning. Earlier, two rockets land in Akko area, causing damage

Some 81 rockets hit north on 13th day of war: Hizbullah continued its massive fire of rockets at northern communities Monday afternoon. Barrages were fired at Tiberias, Maalot, Nahariya, Akko and Carmiel.


At least 50 people were hurt since the morning in rocket attacks, including two who sustained moderate to serious wounds, several who were lightly injured by shrapnel, and the rest who suffered from shock.


The Galilee District Police reported that 28 rockets landed in the Maalot area by Monday evening, 24 hit Kiryat Shmona and its surroundings, 12 hit Nahariya, six landed in Akko, five in Carmiel, four in Safed and two in Rosh Pina and Hatzor Haglilit.


One of the rockets landed in a house in Carmile, but little damage was caused and there were no injuries. Some 27 were evacuated to the Nahariya hospital. The condition of two of the injured, who leave in a village near Maalot, was defined as moderate to serious. The rest were lightly injured – three hurt by shrapnel and the rest suffered from shock.


Shortly after 4 p.m., sirens were activated in Tiberias twice within five minutes, and a heavy barrage hit the area.


Five people were evacuated to the Poria Medical Center in Tiberias, two of them sustaining light wounds from shrapnel and three who suffered from shock.


In addition, a rocket barrage landed in the Kiryat Shmona area and started several fires in the area. Fire fighters were working to put out the fires. There were no reports of injuries.


Rocket hits Akko (Photo: Ariel Bokovza)


Earlier, barrages landed in the Maalot area, and sirens were activated in Haifa and the bay area for fear of rockets fired at the area. In Shlomi, one man was lightly hurt by shrapnel and another person suffered from shock.


Two houses in Nahariya suffered a direct hit. There were no reports of injuries, but damage was caused. Two rockets landed in Akko, causing damage. Three rockets landed in open areas near Haifa. There were no reported of injuries or damage.


Simultaneously, residents of the northern Golan Heights were asked to enter bomb shelters and reinforced rooms.


At approximately 3 p.m., rockets hit a number of sites in Haifa's northern suburbs and in the Western Galilee. Three hits were identified in open areas of the Haifa suburbs, resulting neither in casualties or other damage.


At the same time, in the town of Shlomi, one man was lightly injured by shrapnel. Another town resident is suffering from shock. Two houses in Nahariya suffered direct hits, causing damage, but no casualties. Two rockets landing in Akko also caused damage. Residents of the northern Golan Heights were asked to enter shelters and fortified structures.


Half an hour earlier, a barrage of rockets was launched at Safed, landing in open areas near the city. One of the rockets caused a fire but did not result in casualties. At 2:40 p.m., sirens were heard in Western Galilee communities. A few minutes later, a barrage of rockets landed next to one of the towns. One rocket, which also landed in an open area, caused another conflagration. Fire crews are working to contain the blaze and no casualties have been reported.


The neighbourhood of Marina Balaus in Akko was hit by a second barrage in 24 hours. Some of her neighbors were injured Sunday, but in Monday's bombing she was also lightly hurt.


"I was alone in the apartment with my dog and cats and suddenly felt a blow and flew backwards. I think my dog is dead. The next thing I remember is Magen David Adom crews who removed me and tried to stop the bleeding from my hands and legs. I don’t believe this happened to me, that within two days a Katyusha fell on the same street. I'm afraid for all the people around me."


Death toll of 2 on day 12


On Sunday, the conflict on the border claimed that lives of two Israelis and injured 93 others, as volleys of rockets landed on communities of the north. The two slain individuals were identified as Haifa resident Shimon Glikblich, aged 60, who was killed while driving, and Awad Habib, 48, of Aabalin, killed while working in a carpentry shop in Kiryat Atta, a northern suburb of Haifa.

Building hit in Haifa (Photo: Doron Golan)


Several barrages of rockets plagued the north Sunday. The fatal attack in Haifa, which injured 17 people in addition to killing 2, occurred at approximately 11 AM; the second and last attack on Haifa hit shortly after 5 p.m. At this point, one rocket hit a building and alighted gas canisters – six people were lightly injured as a result.


Fire crews were able to contain the blaze quickly. Haifa fire-station's deputy chief, Ahuva Tomer, said, "The rocket his gas canisters and penetrated the building's lower section. No alarms went off – we are investigating the matter."


Elsewhere in the north on Sunday, one man was severely injured in Akko, with nine others wounded in the same barrage. Two passengers in a vehicle in Tiberias were also injured, one moderately and one lightly, when a rocket landed next to their car. Rockets also landed in Kiryat Shmona, causing the injury of two individuals.


Since the onset of the conflict, thirteen days ago, there have been hundreds of Israeli casualties, including 37 deaths.


Hagai Einav contributed to the report


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