Alexander Schwartzman
Shimon Adega
Reproduction photo: Amir Cohen
Shimon Dahan
Reproduction photo: Amir Cohen
Amichai Merhavia
Assaf Namer
Ohad Klausner
Reproduction photo: Ofer Amram
Idan Cohen
Reproduction photo: Ofer Amram

Deadly battles in Bint Jbeil: Fallen soldiers' stories

(VIDEO) Assaf came from Australia to serve in the army. Idan was killed two months before his discharge. Shimon Dahan was miraculously saved in Beit Hanoun, but lost his life in Lebanon. Shimon Adega refused to tell his family of his service in Lebanon. Ohad's mother had felt something bad was going on. The children in Akko will miss Alexander. And the settlement of Ali mourns two of its sons: Roee and Amichai

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