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Hizbullah flag: flown for first time at parliament
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Main headline in Iranian newspaper: Tel Aviv evacuated

Newspaper of spiritual leader, Khamenei, claims that government bodies in Israel have been evacuated to Jerusalem and that it even has proof. Tuesday Hizbullah flag flown above Iranian parliament

Iranian conservative newspaper, Kayhan, claimed Thursday in its top story that "Tel Aviv has been evacuated." The newspaper, associated with the spiritual leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, tends to exaggerate about anything connected to reports on Israel. It seemed Thursday that the imagination of the Iranian editors spilled over.


According to the newspaper's editors, "Following the recent threats of Hassan Nasrallah, some of the Israeli government bodies were evacuated from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem." In the article, it was not written what information the editors were relying on, but they claimed that the fact that Prime Minister Ehud Olmert, met with American Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice in Jerusalem is testimony to the fact that the Israeli government has started evacuating their offices in Tel Aviv and transferring to Jerusalem.


The article elaborates on Hizbullah leader, Hassan Nasrallah's last speech, which according to the newspaper successfully instilled fear throughout the country, even causing several government ministers to relinquish the idea of disarming Hizbullah.


Another issue that received not a small amount of attention in the newspaper is the presence of demonstrations in Tel Aviv and Haifa. According to the report, "The demonstrators expressed disgust with the powerlessness of the army to stop the rocket shooting of Hizbullah towards Israel."


Iranian media, who energetically report the events in southern Lebanon, maintain one line with the Iranian regime. The head editors are usually related to the regime and the reporters in Iran are conscious of the fact that if they stray from the stiff line of the Ayatollah's regime, they are likely to be tried and punished.


Wednesday, the news agency, Isna, reported that a number of Hizbullah flags flew above the Iranian parliament building while a special meeting was being held in the parliament (the Majles) on the issue of the situation in southern Lebanon when a number of radical representatives decided to demonstrate their support and identification with Hizbullah.


The incident did not find favor in the eyes of the Chairman of Parliament who called the representatives to order and the Hizbullah flags were removed. This is the first time that Hizbullah flags were flown at any kind of parliament in the world, even that of Lebanon or Syria.


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