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Nasrallah: Israel temporary country

Hizbullah chief says during televised speech ‘Lebanese are standing strong, and it is clear the enemy has not achieved any military objectives’; adds: When in any Arab-Israeli conflict were two million Israelis forced to flee or enter bomb shelters?

Hizbullah Chief Hassan Nasrallah said Saturday during a speech aired by Al-Manar TV "the bombardment of Afula is just the beginning. Many cities in (Israel’s) center will be attacked if the barbaric aggression against us continues. When in any Arab-Israeli conflict were two million Israelis forced to flee or enter bomb shelters?”


During the airing of Nasrallah’s speech sirens were heard in Carmiel; three rockets landed in the northern city, but no injuries or damage were reported in the strike.


The sheikh referred to Israel as a “temporary country.”


Israel was established as a military state; the army was not established as an army of a country,” he said.


Rocket fired on Afula (Photo: Omri Eilat) 


During his speech Nasrallah waved both Lebanese and Hizbullah flags and promised that Hizbullah would not break and that the situation on the ground is different than the picture Israel is trying to portray.


“It is clear that up to this point the Zionist enemy has not achieved any military objective; not only I say this, but they say this as well, as does the entire world and all the analysts. The destruction of infrastructure and the hurting of civilians is not a military achievement, but a barbaric one.


'Beginning of the end for Zionist entity'


“So far the enemy has only suffered military defeats, as was the case with the most important of its three Navy vessels off the Lebanese coast – which was struck. This was also the case during the ground war, when elite Golani Brigade forces were defeated,” he said.


“You can see the amount of damage we have caused them in photos showing soldiers evacuated on stretchers lying on their stomach because they were shot in the back while trying to escape. The most important loss of the enemy relates to the morale of its leadership and army, as the army is incapable of overcoming a small organization with a strong belief in its cause."


The Hizbullah chief added: “(Vice Premier Shimon) Peres said ‘this is a life or death war for Israel,’ and he is right because he knows that if the resistance will come out triumphant this time the Zionist entity will not have a future. When the (Israeli) nation will begin to lose faith in its army it will mark the beginning of the end for this entity.”


“The enemy’s only option is to pressure Lebanon in the hope that this will lead to political pressure that will thwart our efforts. In this framework (US Secretary of State (Condoleezza Rice is returning to the region to impose her guidelines on us,” Nasrallah continued.


“We must realize that Israel is ready to stop the aggression because it fears the unknown; today more than ever Israel is acts under the influence of the US, and therefore Lebanon is in need of political resolve in addition to the resolve of its warriors in the battlefield.”


'You will not break our spirit'


As to the recent statements made by Lebanese officials according to which Hizbullah is fighting Syria and Iran’s war, Nasrallah said “It seems there are a number of people who fear the resistance’s victory – this victory will be for all of Lebanon; it will be dedicated to every Arab, Muslim and Christian in this world who protected Lebanon.”


The Hizbullah chief turned once again to the Arab countries and expressed his resentment over the fact that they are not supporting the struggle.


“We did not ask them to fight with us or defend us, but they should not be a burden either. We are not asking for their help, but if a certain (Arab) country should take a stand that would assist us – we would be thankful.”


Nasrallah also attempted to downplay Syria and Iran’s role in the war, saying the two countries are not proving aid to Hizbullah; he thanked Syria for absorbing thousands of Lebanese refugees.


The sheikh added: “To the enemy and the world I say: As long as the war continues we will be prepared; we will not break down or be defeated. To (George W.) Bush and (Ehud) Olmert I say – we will respond to you with greater force; you will not break our spirit.”


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