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MK Avigdor Lieberman
Photo: Gil Yohanan

Lieberman: Try Arab MKs who support terror

Chairman of the Israel Our Home Knesset faction rages against a system that doesn't try Arab MKs who openly support Nasrallah, worries that in the absence of requisite outcome, Israel will become burden on US

MK Avigdor Lieberman, chairman of the Israel Our Home Knesset faction, participated in a Ynet internet forum Sunday, which was focused primarily on the current crisis on the northern border. "Our law enforcement system has gone bankrupt given the fact that Arab MKs who openly support Nasrallah are not put on trial," he said. He chose not to address questions regarding Qana.


Lieberman was asked by one ynet reader "if he thinks that Knesset members who support Nasrallah deserve to be in the Knesset." Lieberman responded that "This is a rhetorical question, hence the answer is clear. In no sane country can you see this phenomenon of members of parliament who support the enemy during wartime. In the United States, there could be no Senate member who supported Bin Laden and, in Russia, no parliament member who supported Chechnyan rebels."


"The law for the prevention of terror is clear and it allows us to try most of the Arab MKs who spoke in support of Nasrallah and justified the kidnap of Israeli soldiers and so it. This means that the law is not dealing with these cases and putting these men on trial; our law enforcement system has gone bankrupt," he continued.


"All attempts to complain to the police in these cases or appeal to the attorney-general were rejected. Even when the attorney-general agreed to begin such a process, the High Court of Justice stopped it. This situation demands a drastic legal change and I hope that we'll take care of this in the upcoming winter Knesset session."


'Hizbullah strongest military force in Lebanon'


Another ynet reader posed the question: "Would the assassination of Nasrallah be a good thing?" Lieberman answered that this war has four clear objectives: Return of the kidnapped soldiers, disarmament of Hizbullah, removal of long-range missiles from Lebanon, and deployment of the Lebanese armed forces from the Litani south to the border.


"The assassination of Nasrallah is secondary compared to these objectives, because it is clear that another Nasrallah will merely pop up in his place and that Hizbullah will continue to function as a terror organization with thousands of operatives and thousands of missiles," he said.


A third reader asked if there's a chance that Hizbullah could succeed in triggering a revolution in Lebanon. Lieberman explained that "sadly, in recent years, Hizbullah has become the strongest military force in Lebanon. Moreover, its stamina in this conflict has made it a very popular source, which enjoys increasing support, and not only among the Shiite population. The Middle East belongs to the strong and the tough and, as long as Hizbullah will prove that they're strong, they'll be more popular."


"A scenario in which the conflict ends with a ceasefire without the disarmament of Hizbullah is a scenario that could definitely bring about Syrian or Iranian control of Lebanon via Hizbullah. The danger in such a case is twofold: both in the eyes of Iran and Syria, and also in the eyes of the US, we will cease to be an asset and become a burden, with all of the implications of such a transformation," he concluded.


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