Photo: AP
Border area blasted
Photo: AP
IAF strikes near Lebanon-Syria border again
Israeli warplanes bombard area close to border crossing, but stress attack not aimed against Syria
Israeli warplanes blasted on Sunday the area close to the border crossing between Lebanon and Syria in the Bekaa area, eyewitnesses reported. IDF jets bombarded the area on Saturday as well.


Two days ago, IAF jets fired three missiles at a border crossing located only 300 meters away from a Lebanese customs checkpoint. The attack marked the first time in 18 years that the air force operated in this area.


Despite Saturday's strike, the border crossing has been open throughout Sunday for travelers, although traffic by vehicles was made impossible
because of the damaged caused to the road. Those wanting to go through from Syria to Lebanon were forced to do so on foot.


Israel has repeatedly stated it does not plan to get Syria involved in the current conflict in Lebanon. IDF officials said Sunday that the strike was aimed at preventing arms from being smuggled into Lebanon and transferred to Hizbullah' hands. The strike, they stressed, was carried out on Lebanese – not Syrian - territory.


Meanwhile, the IDF Spokesperson Unit said that the army struck over 80 targets from the air on Sunday, including 32 Hizbullah structures and command posts that were used for firing rockets, three of which were located in the Qana village.


Additionally, four tunnels used by terrorists, four Katyusha launchers, two suspected vehicles and two gunmen were attacked, as well as Katyusha launching pads and access routes leading to rocket launching sites.


Until now the IAF has carried out more than 6,800 sorties over Lebanon and struck more than 3,300 targets in the country.


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