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IDF soldiers in Lebanon
Photo: Reuters

Heavy fire exchanges in Lebanon

Heavy fire exchanges between IDF, Hizbullah taking place in southeast Lebanon. One officer injured, treated on scene. Hizbullah: Harsh resistance in store in every village entered by Israeli army

Heavy exchanges of fire are taking place between IDF forces and Hizbullah members in the eastern region of southern Lebanon. An officer has been injured during one of the clashes in the area and received treatment on the scene.


In the course of the activity, several antitank missiles were fired at paratroopers operating in the village of Aita al-Shaab.


The forces entered the region Monday night in order to target Hizbullah infrastructure. IDF officials believe that there are several terror cells in the area.


A military officer told Ynet that since the morning hours, the terrorists have been hiding in the village and avoiding contact with the troops. He added that they were firing missiles and rockets at the force from a distance.


A number of hours after a Security Cabinet meeting in which it was decided to widen the ground operation Lebanon, large IDF forces began operating simultaneously along a number of areas on the border.

IDF soldiers in Lebanon Tuesday morning (Photo: Reuters)


The Nahal Brigade began operating in the area of the town of al-Taibeh in the eastern region of the northern border, and Golani's Brigade 13 also entered the area.


On Monday, forces from the Paratroopers Division began operating in a different region, while overnight additional forces from the Golani and Paratroopers Brigades to areas in southern Lebanon to carry out searches after infrastructures and Hizbullah caches.


As armored corps divisions joined operations overnight, preparations by five full divisions in the area were complete – this is the largest force that has operated in the area during the current campaign.  


The five divisions will be joined in the coming days by reserve soldiers drafted last week.


Hizbullah: We'll fight aggressively


Hizbullah said its members will harshly respond and fight aggressively in every village entered by IDF troops.


"The Israeli army placed a number of aims for itself the most clear of which is the ending of rocket fire. Will entering seven kilometers prevent such fire at northern Israel? After all the resistance is now firing rockets at a depth of 60 kilometers. Israel won't succeed in obtaining this goal, as the resistance took all of the necessary steps to respond," said Hasan Fadallah, a Hizbullah Lebanese parliament member.


Fadallah also questioned the rationale behind reoccupying parts of southern Lebanon, and said: "Israel had already conquered parts of southern Lebanon before the year 2000, and the resistance movement responded. This step will not change the equation."


He also vowed that bitter clashes are in store if the IDF tries to conquer the villages in the south: "Let us remember what happened in Maroun al-Ras and Bint Jbeil. This is what will happen to the Israeli army in any place it enters. The Israelis will be resisted wherever they go, as was the case since 1982."


Roee Nahmias contributed to the report  


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