Photo reproduced with permission: Avi Mualam
Sergeant Andrei Brudner killed in Lebanon on Thursday
Photo reproduced with permission: Avi Mualam
Photo: Reuters
IDF troops in southern Lebanon
Photo: Reuters

Sergeant Andrei Brudner's last message

In last message published on his blog before he died in Lebanon, Sergeant Andrei Brudner wrote: 'Many return with blood on their hands (and now they are celebrity because Ynet wrote about them). Wish me luck.'

Sergeant Andrei Brudner was killed in Lebanon on Thursday. In his last message on a blog he runs on the Tapuz We site he wrote: "Today I will be there, maybe you will read about me in the news. It will last some days, it may drag on more, but we have ammunitions that can last long. Many return with blood on their hands. (And now they are celebrities because Ynet wrote about them). Wish me luck."


The message was posted two weeks before he died.

At the moment, simple words like "wish me luck" and "shalom" have tragic and painful meanings.


Brudner wrote the message when he was recruited to fight in Gaza. He was recently transferred to the north where his tank was hit by an anti-tank rocket.


Sergeant Itamar Tsur, 19, of Beer Tuvia, and Sergeant Alon Fintuch, 19, of Kiryat Yam died in the attack.


Brunder's blog focused on matters related to the army. He recalled his training, his friends, and shared with readers his experiences as an 18-year-old soldier.


When fighting broke out in Gaza with the kidnapping of Corporal Gilad Shalit, Brunder wrote: "We just started and someone died. The first they all remember. When more die, they won't be names any more, they will be numbers."


"The noise of fire is replaced by explosions, armored hummers, tractors and D9 bulldozers…Everyone is a suspect, above all a suspect. Then he is an enemy resident. Rubble replaces houses, and soot replaced sunsets. By the way...sunsets are beautiful."


Before being deployed in Gaza, he wrote: "People around are worried (and rightly so!!!), but I am trying not to worry myself. I have to remember who I am facing so as not to live an illusion that everything will be good."


On June 30 he wrote that when he finishes his military service on November 29, 2008, he plans on traveling to Jamaica.


'Life is fun'


His family said he loved to compose Hip Hop music. He started writing a song about the army which he didn't finish. He also wrote a song called 'Good Living,' which he composed with a friend.


In his blog, Brunder comes across as a lively and life-loving teenager. "What's this shit?" he asked bloggers who wrote depressing comments. "Live is fun, if it is not bad, what shall we complain about? How would we overcome problems? There people who don't know how to enjoy small and simple things in life, like breathing."


Eli Sinior contributed to this report


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