Katyusha victim Ravia Taluzi, 3 year-old.
First Sergeant Shimon Adega, 21, from Kiryat Gat
Sergeant Assaf Namer (27) from Kiryat Yam
Reproduction: Avi Mualem
Sergeant First Class Keren Tendler, 26
Reproduction: Avi Mualem

Israel at War: 156 dead

These are the names of IDF soldiers and civilians killed in the War that broke out July 12 following the kidnapping of 2 soldiers

Israel mourns its fallen: These are the names of the fallen soldiers and civilians killed during the war that broke on July 12, 2006 following the kidnapping of 2 IDF soldiers by Hizbullah and the killing of 3 others. Soldiers and civilians are listed side-by-side:


  • Staff Sergeant (Res.) Eyal Banin (22) from Beer Sheva, Sergeant First Class (Res.) Shani Turgeman (24) from Tel Aviv, and Staff Sergeant Wissam Nazal (27) from the village of Yanuch, killed during Hizbullah attack along northern border on July 12. This was the incident in which 2 IDF soldiers Ehud Goldwasser and Eldad Regev were kidnapped by HIzbullah.


  • Sergeant Nimrod Cohen (19) of Mitzpeh Shalem, First Sergeant Alexei Kushnirsky (21) from Nes Tziona, Sergeant Yaniv Baron (19) from Macabbim, Sergeant Shlomi Yirmiyahu (20), from Rishon Letzion, Sergeant Gadi Musayeb, 20, from Akko, were killed during efforts to retrieve the bodies of tank crew members after a Hizbullah strike. 


  • Monica Lerer (40) from Nahariya, was killed after a rocket directly hit her bedroom on July 13.


  • Nitzan Rubin (33) from Safed was critically wounded in rocket attack on city on JUly 13 and later died of his wounds.


  • Omer Pesachov (4) and his grandmother, Yehudit Itzkovitz, killed by Katyusha that hit grandma's house in Meron.


  • Sergeant Yaniv Herschkowitz (21) of Haifa, Corporal Shai Atias (19) of Rishon Lezion, Master Sergeant Dov Sternshus (37) of Carmiel, First Sergeant Tal Amgar (21) of Ashdod, were killed after an Iranian-made missile hit a missile boat off the shores of Beirut on July 14.


  • Reuvan Levi (43) from Kiryat Ata, Danis Lapidos (24) from Kiryat Yam, Shmuel Ben Shimon (41)  from Yokneam Ilit, Nisim Elhariri (43) from Kiryat Ata, Asa'el Damti (39) from Kiryat Yam, David Feldman (28) from Kiryat Yam, Sholomi Mansura (35) from Nahariya, Rafi Hazan (30) from Haifa, victims of rocket attack which hit Haifa train depot on July 16.


  • First Sergeant Osher Damari (21) from Emek Hefer was killed after an explosive device exploded in Nablus. 


  • Andrea Zalinsky (37) from Nahariya was killed July 18 as a rocket struck him just meters from the entrance to his bomb shelter.


  • Brothers Ravia Taluzi (3) and Mahmoud Taluzi (7) were killed July 19 when a Katyusha barrage hit the town of Nazareth.


  • Staff Sergeant Yonatan Hadassi (21) from kibbutz Merhavia and Staff Sergeant Yotam Gilboa (21) from kibbutz Maoz Haim were killed during army operations in the Avivim area on July 19.


  • Major Benjy Hillman (27) of Raanana, Staff Sergeant Rafanel Muskal (21) of Mazkeret Batya, Staff Sergeant Nadav Balua (21) of Carmiel, Staff Sergeant Liran Saadiah, 21, from Kiryat Shmona, Staff Sergeant Yehonatan (Sergey) Wolsiuk, 21, of Lahav from the IDF's Egoz unit were killed July 20 in exchanges of fire in the Lebanese village of Maroun al-Ras.


  • IDF pilot Major Ran Yehoshua Kochva 37, of Beit Hanania killed on July 20 as two Apache (Cobra) combat helicopters on their way to Lebanon collided and then crashed.


  • Awad Habib (48) of Aabalin was killed by a rocket which directly hit a carpentry shop in the Haifa vicinity on July 23.


  • Shimon Glikblich (60) from Haifa was killed July 23 when his car sufferred a direct hit while he was driving on a road near Haifa.


  • First Sergeant Kobi Smilag (20) of Rehovot,  First Lieutenant Lotan Slavin (21) of Hetzba, were killed in battle on a Hizbullah stronghold , the town of Bint Jbeil on July 24.


  • Colonel Tzvi Loft (42) of Hogla and First Lieutenant Tom Farkash (23) of Caesarea were killed when their Apache helicopter crashed July 24.


  • Daa Abbas (15) from the Druze village of Mghar was struck down in her livingroom by a rocket fired from south Lebanon on July 25.


  • Lieutenant Colonel Roee Klein (31) from Ali, Captain Amichai Merhavia (24) from Ali, Sergeant Assaf Namer (27) from Kiryat Yam, First Lieutenant Alexander Schwartzman (24) from Akko,

    First Sergeant Shimon Adega (21) from Kiryat Gat, First Sergeant Shimon Dahan (20) from Ashdod, First Sergeant Idan Cohen (21) from Jaffa, First Sergeant Ohad Klausner (20) from Beit Horon, First Lieutenant Yiftach Schrier (21) from Haifa, were killed in the fierce fighting in Bint Jbeil on July 26.


  • Lt. Ilan Gabai (22) from Tivon was killed August 1 in battles in Aita al-Shaab.


  • First Sergeant Yehonatan Einhorn (22) from Gimzo and Staff sergeant Michael Levin (22) were killed August 1 in a fierce battle against Hizbullah in the area of Aita al-Shaab.


  • Dave Lalshouk (52) from Kibbutz Sa'ar was killed by shrapnel from a rocket as he drove his bicycle in the kibbutz.


  • Sergeant Adi Cohen (19) from Hadera was killed August 2 in a harsh battle in the village of Aita al-Shaab.


  • Shimon Zaribi (44) his 15 year-old daughter Mazal of Akko were killed August 3 as they left their shelter after the first barrage on the city to view the rocket landing sites and were then struck by shrapnel from another rocket salvo. 


  • Albert Ben-Abu (41), Ariyeh Tamam (51) and his brother Tiran (39) of Akko were killed in rocket attacks on Akko August 3.


  • Three residents of Ma'alot Tarshiha; Muhammad Faour (17), Sinati Sinati (21) and Amir Naeem (18) killed by rocket barrages August 3.


  • Sergeant Itamar Tsur (19) of Beer Tuvia, Sergeant Andrei Brudner (18) of Rishon Letzion, Sergeant Alon Fintuch (19) of Kiryat Yam, and Sergeant Yonatan Sharabi (19) were killed in an anti-tank missile attack on their Merkava tank August 3.



  • Mother of two, Manal Azzam (27) of Mghar was in her parents' kitchen when a rocket landed outside the house; she was killed by shrapnel that penetrated the home's exterior.


  • Baha Fiad Karim (36) and Muhammad Subhi Salim (24) from Majdel Krum tried to flee their car when they heard the air raid siren, but were killed by a rocket on August 4.


  • First Sergeant Omri Elmakis (21) of Ramle and First Sergeant Daniel Shiran (20) of Haifa, both Golani Brigade soldiers, were killed August 4 in clashes with Hizbullah gunmen in south Lebanon.


  • Sergeant Or Shahar from kibbutz Yad Mordechai was killed a day before 21st birthday by a Hizbullah mortar shell in the southeast Lebanese village of Nabi al-Awadi.


  • Res. Corporal Kyril Kashdan (26) was killed by anti-tank missile in Aita al-Shaab August 5.


  • 60-year-old Fadia Jumaa and her two daughters Samira (31) and Sultana (33) were killed August 5 after being directly hit by a rocket in the village of Arab al-Aramshe.


  • Staff Sergeant Marian Berkovitch, 31, from Ashdod, Sergeant Major Yossi Karkash, 41, from Afula, First Sergeant Major Danny Ben-David, 38, from the community of Ahituv, Staff Sergeant Yehuda Grinfeld, 27, from Maaleh Michmash, First Sergeant Major Shlomo Bucharis, 36, from the community of Sdeh Yitzhak, Sergeant Major Ziv Balali, 28, from Kfar Saba, Sergeant Major Roee Yaish, 27, from Herzliya, Staff Sergeant Shai Machlovitch, 21, from Netanya, Sergeant Major Shmuel Halfon, 41, from Bat Yam, Captain Eliyahu Elkriaf, 34, from Granot, First Sergeant Mordechai Butbul, 28, of Shlomi, Sargeant Gregory Aharonov, 34, from Or Akiva, were killed by a single Katyusha rocket in Kfar Giladi on August 6.


  • 67-year-old Labiba Mazawi and her neighbor Hanna Hamam (62) as a rocket hit a residential building in Haifa, causing the structure to collapse on August 6.


  • Ronny Robinsky (30) from Kiryat Motzkin killed in a rocket attack on August 6.


  • Staff SergeantMalko (Moshe) Ambao, 22, from Lod of the IDF Paratroopers Brigade, was killed in Bint Jbeil on August 7. 


  • Captain (res.)Yotam Lotan (33) and Staff Sergeant (Res.) Noam Meirson, 23, from Jerusalem were killed August 7 by an anti-tank missile in Bint Jbeil.


  • Captain Gilad Balahsan (29) from Carmiel and First Sergeant Philip Moscoe (21) from Maale Adumim, who served as a paramedic in the Paratrooper Brigade were killed during fierce fire exchanges in the village of Dibel near Bint Jbeil August 8.


  • Staff Sergeant Oren Lifschitz, 21, of Kibbutz Gazit and Staff Sergeant Moran Cohen, 21, of Kibbutz Ashdot Yaakov were killed in the Bint Jbeil area August 8.


  • Captain Yoni (Leon) Shmoukher, 30, of Beit Nehamia, Captain Gilad Stukelman, 26, of Timrat

    Sergeant Major Igor Koblik, 26, of Nazareth IIlit, Sergeant Major David Shmidov, 25, of Jerusalem, First Sergeant Noam Goldman, 27, of Tel Aviv, First Sergeant Nir Cohen, 22, of Maccabim Reut, First Sergeant Benny (Binyamin) Sela, 24, of Kornit, Major Natan Yahav, 36, of Kiryat Ono, 1st Sergeant Asher Reuven Novik, 36, of Kanaf, Staff Sergeant Adi Salim,22 of Beit Hashmonai were killed with 5 other soldiers in four different incidents in south Lebanon August 9.


  • Miriam Ahmad Assadi (26) and her 5 year old son, Fathi, from Dir al-Assad killed August 10 killed in rocket attack.


  • Alon Samucha (35) killed by anti-tank missile during a battle in the el-Khiam region on August 10.


  • Major Nimrod Hillel (32) of Rosh Ha'ain killed by anti-tank missile in eastern region of south Lebanon August 10.


  • Sergeant Major Yehezkel Aharon, 32, of Kfar Yedidia killed August 11 in the village of Rashef.


  • Captain Shai Bernshtein, 24, from Beer Sheva, Staff Sergeant Ido Garbovsky, 20, of Rosh Ain

    Corporal Yaar Ben Giat, 19, of Nahsholim, Sergeant Yosef Abitbul, 19, of Gan Ner, Sergeant Yehonatan Ankonina, 21, of Netanya, Staff Sergeant Tzachi Krispas, 20, of Kibbutz Hamaapil

    Staff Sergeant Itai Steinberger, 21, of Karmei Yosef, Sergeant Yaniv Temerson, 21, of Tzipori

    Corporal Tumer Amer, 19, of Julis, Staff Sergeant Ami Meshoulami, 20, of Ofra, Sergeant Yoan Zarbibi, 22, of Tel Aviv, Captain Bnaya Rayan, 27, of Karnei Shomron, Staff Sergeant Adam Goran, 21, of Kibbutz Maabarot, Sergeant Alexander Bonimovitch, 19, of Nataniya, Staff Sergeant Oz Tzemach, 20, of Macabin Raot, Sergeant Haran Lev, 20, of Kibbutz Maayan Baruch, Sergeant Dan Broyer, 19, of Beit Hilel, Corporal Yigal Nisan, 19, of Maale Adumim, killed August 12, in battles throughout south Lebanon.


  • Maj. Ami Ben-Naim, 29, from Rehovot, Maj. (res) Nisan Shilo, 36, from Kibbutz Avrun, Capt. Daniel Gomez, 25, from Nahalim; Sergeant First Class (res) , Sergeant Major Ron Mashiah, 33, from Gadera, Sergeant First Class Keren Tendler, 26, from Rehovot died after their helicopter was shot down by Hizbullah August 12. 


  • Madi Hiyat (83) of Yaara killed August 13 when a rocket fired from Lebanon directly hit his home in a community located near the northern town of Shlomi.


  • First Lieutenant Eliel Ben Yehuda, 24, of Kfar Tavor, Sergeant Major Guy Chason, 24, of Moshav Naama, First Lieutenant Tzur Zarhi, 27, of Moshav Nahalal, Staff Sergeant Yaniv Sheinbrum, 24, of Mei Ami, Sergeant Major Amitai Yaron, 44, of Zichron Yaacov, Staff Sergeant Peter Ochotsky, 23, of Lod, Staff Sergeant Uri Grossman, 20, of Mevaseret Tzion, Staff Sergeant David Amar, 24, of Kiryat Shmona, and Yevgeny Timofayev, 20, of Rishon Letzion were killed August 13 by anti-tank missiles fired at troops operating in Aita al-Shaab region.


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