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Eitam: I don't work for Olmert
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Eldad. Failure
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MK Eitam to other MKs: Count to 10
Following ceasefire, Effie Eitam says, 'I call on Knesset members to restrain themselves.' MK Eldad says, 'spinsters and public relations can't turn failure and omissions into victory'

While most politicians are arming themselves with knives and waiting for the signal to plunge them into the government or military generals, calls for restraint have been issued from the unexpected direction of Knesset Member Effie Eitam (National Union-National Religious Party).



Eitam, usually identified with those opposing the government in the Knesset, is displaying government loyalty.


"The war is not over, the ceasefire is only a temporary recess which Nasrallah can exploit to reorganize. Our soldiers are still with

their finger on the trigger in enemy territory, and therefore if we start to fight now, we can really turn into spider's webs," said Eitam, in reference to Nasrallah's "spider cobwebs" theory.


Eitam added: "We can't do this to bereaved families burying their loved one, we can't do this to our soldiers. We must organize. And I call on all Knesset Members to restrain themselves. To count to 10."


This is not to be confused with the idea that Eitam doesn't have much to say about the management of the political leadership during the war, but he has sentenced himself to silence on this issue.


"I also feel like shouting and settling accounts. There were too many things that were not okay, but we must be restrained. To recover the home front. To deal with the IDF's weak points. We must not now grant a psychological victory on a silver platter to Nasrallah, Syria, and Iran. In general we tend to fall into moods that are either black and bitterly defeatist, or unexplained euphoria over the political agenda. We all need balance."


Now's not the time for infighting


Prime Minister Ehud Olmert is expected to address the Knesset, and many see the speech as a point during which the gloves can be removed. But Knesset Member Eitam says: "Lieberman and Netanyahu will also adopt this line. And it's important to remember, I'm not working for Olmert. I'm working for the soldiers and especially to prevent a war between the Jews. The time for this war has not come."


Other Knesset Members were less restrained. Arieh Eldad (National Union) said: "With the start of the ceasefire the Israeli government has launched a public relations campaign, but spinsters and public relations can't turn the failure and omissions into a victory."


He added: "The home front which was abandoned and the army which was sent to war without a prepared operational idea and with missing equipment, and out of a mistaken concept, these demand an immediate State commission of inquiry and the resignation of Olmert, Peretz, and Halutz, to allow Israel to prepare for the unavoidable war with Iran and its emissaries."


Meanwhile, National Religious Party Chairman MK Zevulun Orlev set up a parliamentary lobby to return the kidnapped soldiers home. The lobby will meet on Monday with families of the soldiers, who sought to appear in the Knesset following the beginning of the ceasefire.


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