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Talking about destruction: Muhammad Abdullah sif al-Din
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Hizbullah: Zionist regime will be destroyed

Hizbullah representative in Tehran conference: We think that this war has one significance and it is the destruction of the Zionist entity

In the course of the last month a war waged between the IDF and Hizbullah on Lebanese territory, but Iran is also busy with evaluations of the situation and summaries, following the ceasefire.


A conference was held on Sunday in Tehran under the banner "Clarifying the results of the Lebanon war and the future of the Middle East". During the conference, Hizbullah's representative in Iran, Muhammad Abdullah Sif al-Din said: "We think this war has one significance and it is the destruction of the Zionist regime."


"The Zionist regime is a not a real regime," said the envoy, who was quoted by an Iranian news agency.


"The state (Israel) did not rise in a natural way but in a way different from all of the countries: First an army was set up and only after people from various nations were assembled and formed a country," said al-Din.


Al-Din said that following the Hizbullah victory, Israel does not have a right to exist: "There's no reason to leave the Zionist regime on its base. For the United States this regime is the police officer of the area that must always win, but the minute it loses – there's no reason for it to exist."


Regarding the coordination between Hizbullah and the Lebanese army, al-Din said: "The deployment of the Lebanese army in the south of the country won't prevent Hizbullah from being in the same place. Members of the organization are sons of the villages in the area and none of us are planning of taking them out of their homes. If the Lebanese government guarantees to us that Israel won't attack it anymore, we will give up our weapons, but at the moment there is no guarantee of this."


Addressing UN Resolution 1701 demanding the disarming of Hizbullah, he said: "This is an unbalanced decision. From the beginning we had no expectations of the UN because the US has taken control of this organization. We have no hope that they can realize the rights of the various nations."


"The military tactics of Hizbullah included two parts – firing missiles and guerilla operations. We were ready for a ground clash, therefore Israel absorbed the greatest number of losses in the ground attack," said al-Din.


Amal head Adal Aoun also took part in the conference in Tehran, and said that "Hizbullah's faith is stronger than nuclear weapons." He added that he was not worried about attempts to disarm the organization: "Hizbullah is succeeding in guarding its weapons during this time and will succeed in doing so in the future."


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