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Rocket attack in Haifa
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Majority believes Israeli Arabs supported Nasrallah
Survey conducted by Dahaf Institute shows 40 percent of Israelis believe most Israeli Arabs supported Hizbullah leader during war; 15 percent believe all Arabs supported him, while only 18 percent of Arabs admit they did support him. 'Our MKs do not represent us,' 44 percent of Arabs say

Trust Crisis? Fifty-five percent of Israelis believe that the majority of the Arabs in Israel supported Hizbullah leader Hassan Nasrallah during the war in Lebanon, a survey conducted by the Dahaf Institute, coordinated by the institute's manager Dr. Mina Tzemach, revealed.


The survey will be broadcasted on Thursday on the Knesset Channel. The survey was conducted on Monday and 500 Jews and Arabs served as a sample.


According to the survey, 15 percent of the interviewees said that all of Israel's Arabs were for Nasrallah; 40 percent claimed that

the majority were for him; 21 percent believed that half of them were for him; 21 percent of Israelis said that only a few of the Arabs in Israel were for Hizbullah's leader.


Israel's Arabs themselves, on the other hand, think otherwise. When asked "Who did you want to win the second war in Lebanon?" 27 of them answered "Israel," only 18 percent said they were on Nasrallah's side, and 36 percent did not support either side.


When asked "To what extend do the Arab members of the Knesset represent your points of view?" 44 percent replied that the Arab members of the Knesset do not represent them at all; 28 percent said they do not represent to a sufficient extent and 20 percent said they represent them to a great extent.


62 percent of Jews would not lease apartments to Arabs 

Seventeen Arab citizens were killed in rocket attacks. On July 19, two brothers aged three and seven were killed in Nazareth, and four days later, an Aablin resident was killed when a rocket struck the carpentry shop he worked in.


On July 25, a girl was killed in Mrar. On August 3, three young men were killed in Maalot-Tarshiha. A day later two more men from Majdal Krum and a woman from Mrar were killed. On August 5, a mother and two of her daughters were killed in another village and the next day a man and a woman were killed in Haifa. On August 10, A mother and her son were killed by a rocket strike on their house next to Carmiel.


Another topic studied in the survey was whether Jews were willing to lease apartments to Arabs: Sixty-two percent said they would not compared to 35 percent who said they would. Furthermore, 56 percent said it would bother them if a neighbor rented out his apartment to an Arab, whereas 42 percent said it wouldn't.


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