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Pride Parade in Jerusalem
World Pride parade to take place next month in J'lem
After being postponed due to war in Lebanon, World Pride parade will take place one day before eve of Rosh Hashana. 'This year, parade has great significance in light of wave of incitement that Jerusalem community suffered from,' Open House says
The Jerusalem Open House for Pride and Tolerance organization announced on Monday that the World Pride parade will take place on September 21 in Jerusalem. The pride parade was previously set to take place in August, but it was postponed due to the war in Lebanon.


The Open House views the parade, which will take place a day before the eve of Rosh Hashana, as having "a central role in the ongoing struggle for the promotion of the freedom of expression, the rights of the (Gay and Lesbian) community in Jerusalem and the promotion of democratic and pluralistic values in and around the city. The parade has a great significance this year especially due to the unprecedented wave of incitement the Jerusalem community suffered from before and during the World Pride events."


The parade is set to leave from the Independence Garden and will end with a celebration at the Bell Garden. The Open House announced that they approached the Jerusalem Municipality and the police to receive the appropriate permits for holding the parade, but that they are still waiting for answers.


Pride parade in Jerusalem every year since 2002

The Open House Chairperson Noa Sattath said they are "hoping and believing that the police and the municipality will fill their legal obligation. We are ready for every legal option." The members of the organization point out that in May, the Jerusalem regional court ruled that the municipality is not allowed to discriminate against the GLBT community in the allocation of certain resources in the city.


They also pointed out that "pride parades have been taking place for many years all across the world to mark the struggle for equal rights for members of the community, and they have been taking place in Israel since the nineties. Every year since 2002, Jerusalem also had its own pride parade." The parade will complete the World Pride events that took place in the city between August 6 and 12, in which Israelis and many international guests participated.


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