Photo: AP
Photo: AP
Photo: Efrat Weiss
Sa-Nur evacuated last year
Photo: Efrat Weiss
West Bank: Settlers beat soldier
Four settlers, evacuated from settlement of Sa-Nur during disengagement, arrive at Shavei Shomron checkpoint, assault soldier and break through barricade. IDF soldiers dispatched to area arrest them
The Samaria District Police on Wednesday evening detained four settlers for interrogation on suspicion of beating a soldier and breaking through an Israel Defense Forces checkpoint near the Shavei Shomron settlement in the Nablus area.


A soldier who was at the checkpoint fired in the air.


The four, three of them aged 19 and one aged 24, who were evacuated from the northern West Bank settlement of Sa-Nur during the disengagement, arrived at the area in a car.


According to the IDF, the four asked the soldier to remove the barricade so that they could pass through the checkpoint. They then got out of the car and began assaulting the soldier.


Meanwhile, one of the passengers approached the barricade and lifted it. The four entered the car and passed through the checkpoint toward Sa-Nur. The soldiers reported the incident on his military communicator.


An IDF force that was in the area arrested the four and transferred them to the Samaria District Police for interrogation. The police plan to indict them.


'Evacuees trying to infiltrate former settlements'  

Senior IDF sources told Ynet that they viewed the incident as severe.


"Any attempt to hurt soldiers or police officers is severe. Also a violation of a military order is severe," an army source said.


Since the evacuation of the West Bank settlements of Sa-Nur and Homesh, the evacuees have been attempting to return to those places. Last week, three women were arrested, also at the Shavei Shomron checkpoint, attempting to arrive at the evacuated settlement of Homesh.


Sources in the IDF note that while fighting terror organizations, IDF soldiers are forced to chase Israelis trying to infiltrate the evacuated settlements.


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