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Hizbullah presents: How to recruit children

Alongside weapons, rockets and explosives found by IDF soldiers in southern Lebanon, troops also discover booklets containing questions for children on terror group, its struggle. Goal: Conveying messages to youth, who will later become organization's future terrorists

Do you know who is "the most senior Lebanese prisoner jailed in the Israeli enemy's prisons"? And where did the aircraft of "the Zionist enemy" assassinate Sheikh Abbas Mussawi (who served as the Hizbullah secretary-general before Hassan Nasrallah), his wife and his toddler son?


If you know the answers you have a good chance of winning the children's quiz written by Hizbullah members. However, this is not a simple quiz examining the general knowledge of the children and youth of Lebanon. Hizbullah is attempting to recruit them to the organization at an early age.


Material collected by Israel Defense Forces soldiers in southern Lebanon – alongside the weapons, rockets and explosives – reveals a complex and rare picture of Hizbullah's contents and activities among children and youth, mainly in southern Lebanon villages which are considered its stronghold.

On tank from a young age (Photo courtesy of Intelligence and Terrorism Information Center)


A special document of the Intelligence and Terrorism Information Center at the Center for Special Studies (CSS), which was distributed this week, sheds light on the issue. It appears that one of the organization's goals is to assimilate its values among the younger generation.


The document writers note that "the aid authority for the Islamic resistance" is part of a comprehensive infrastructure of Hizbullah institutions and bodies which hold diverse social activities among the Shiite community in Lebanon, focusing on the young generation.


These activities are not only performed "for a purely spiritual purpose," but are aimed at raising the popularity of the organization among the Shiite population and assimilate the its radical Islamic-Shiite ideology, similar to Hamas' Daawa activity in the territories.


Quiz stars: From Playstation to Samir Kuntar

A special kit for children was found at the village of Aita al-Shaab. It includes an award-bearing quiz titled "the 2006 competition of victory youngsters," alongside a possibility of donating money to Hizbullah.


The kit was produced by the "aid authority for the Islamic resistance." Alongside the questions presented to the infants in southern Lebanon, there are also quizzes presented as a multiple-choice test. Alongside answers to questions like "the Risk game, Playstation or Atari," one can find answers like "Nissim Nasser, Samir Kuntar or Yahya Sahef" (the three prisoners which Hizbullah wants to see released).

Questionnaire for Hizbullah children (Photo courtesy of Intelligence and Terrorism Information Center)


The document writers say that through a "simple" quiz, Hizbullah is assimilating its messages among the youth, in order to recruit its future terrorists. The quiz stresses a series of messages: The importance of the struggle against the Israeli enemy based on Hizbullah's "war heritage"; commemorating the Abbas Mussawi and suicide terrorist Asad Baru; the importance of the organization's political demands which legitimize its struggle against Israel and its refusal to disarm; and the demand to release prisoners, particularly Samir Kuntar, and "free the Shebaa Farms."


But Hizbullah members turn not only to children and youth. Among the materials confiscated during the fighting in Lebanon at the Aita al-Shaab and Aytaroun villages, soldiers found documents and leaflets dealing with raising donations for Hizbullah and the organization's propaganda campaign among the Lebanese population (focusing on the Shiite community).


The documents and leaflets were published by a Hizbullah institution called "the aid authority for the Islamic resistance."

Coins turn into bullets (Photo courtesy of Intelligence and Terrorism Information Center)


The document writers explain that the "aid authority for the Islamic resistance" is an important Hizbullah institution which was established by the organization in 1989 in order to properly organize the organization's fund raising system.


The writers estimate that the funds are mainly raised for purchasing weapons for the organization's fighters. The funds are raised in Lebanon and among Islamic communities (mainly Shiites) around the world, particularly in the Persian Gulf countries and in western countries.


Charity boxes for buying weapons

This institution raises large sums of money in private homes and public places in Lebanon: Businesses, mosques, education institution, petrol stations, shopping centers, roadblocks and more. It uses thousands of "charity boxes" spread among populations, as well as national fund raising campaigns.


Part of the activity is carried out in cooperation with other Hizbullah social-economic institutions.


For example, IDF soldiers captured in Hizbullah members' houses at the village of Aita al-Shaab leaflets distributed in homes, schools and stores, encouraging people to raise funds for the organization.


The leaflets feature a drawing with the message that the donations are aimed at purchasing weapons for the destruction of the State of Israel. The leaflets read: "In order for all of our houses to become part of the resistance (Hizbullah) – this is the resistance box – place it in your home."


The picture shows a charity box designed as the Dome of the Rock with a photo of the former Hizbullah secretary-general. Coins inserted into the box turn into bullets when they emerge from the box and smash a Star of David symbolizing Israel.


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