Tom Sawyer memorizing Quran verses?
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Muslim Pinocchio?
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Pinocchio converts to Islam?

In new version of Carlo Collodi's classic book released in Turkey, wooden puppet turns to his father and emotionally announces, 'in name of Allah, give me some bread'

The wooden puppet in Carlo Collodi's classic book that wanted to become a real boy was blessed with many interesting features and never ceased to amaze his father, but it now turns out he was also Muslim


In a new version of the book, that was released in Turkey, Pinocchio turns to his father and emotionally announces: "In the name of Allah, give me some bread." Along with dozens of other books that were included in a list recommended by the Turkish Ministry of Education, "Pinocchio" was forced to become Muslim.


Even Tom Sawyer from Mark Twain's book, who didn't like to study, found some time to memorize verses from the Quran.


Other heroes, some of whom have become symbols of Christian compassion in the West, declare in the "corrected" books that they believe in the apocalypse as it is described in the Quran. Even the Fables of LaFontaine and the young homeless in Victor Hugo's novel were edited to incorporate Islamic messages.


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