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Itzik. Won't be investigated
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Mazuz. 'No room for investigation'
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Mazuz: No criminal investigation of Knesset speaker

Ometz association asks attorney general last week to look into donation received by Dalia Itzik from Haim Saban while serving as head of Shimon Peres' election headquarters

Attorney General Menachem Mazuz announced Tuesday that he believed there was no room to launch a criminal investigation against Knesset Speaker Dalia Itzik, following a complaint filed by the Ometz association.


The Ometz non-profit organizations turned to Mazuz last week, claiming that according to findings it possessed Itzik received a donation of USD 120,000 from businessman Haim Saban while serving as head of Shimon Peres' election headquarters during the Labor Party primaries.


Saban is now one of the owners of the Bezeq communications company.


The association also claimed that after the primary elections, in which Peres was defeated by Amir Peretz, while Itzik served as communications minister, Saban acquired Bezeq's shares through his investment group.


Simultaneously, several months ago it was reported that the state comptroller was looking into a USD 320,000 donation received from the billionaires Haim Saban, Daniel Abrams and Bruce Rappaport during the Labor Party primaries.


The state comptroller's report may reveal new details on the donations to Peres in general and on the donations from abroad in particular, and may also reveal the fact that Peres committed other offenses and will be demanded to return all the forbidden donations.


Peres' attorneys denied all the allegations against him. According to them, the donations were collected at a time when there were no legal limitations on receiving those funds. They stated that Peres followed his lawyer's advice and even got the approval of a Labor Party committee to receive the donations.


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