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Al-Qaeda plans 9/11
Photo: Al-Jazeera
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Al-Qaeda no. 2 Ayman al-Zawahiri
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Al-Qaeda warns of new attacks in Gulf, Israel

On fifth anniversary of 9/11, website associated with terror group publishes short film in which bin Laden's deputy al-Zawahiri calls on Muslims to fight against US, its allies in order to aid 'Muslim brothers in Lebanon, Gaza'

Al Qaeda's deputy leader, Ayman al-Zawahri, warned in a new video aired on Monday that Israel and Gulf Arab states would be the network's next target.


Zawahri said in the video, an excerpt of which was shown on al-Jazeera television, that the West should not "bother yourselves with defending your forces in Iraq and Afghanistan."


"You have to bolster your defences in two areas ... The first is the Gulf, from which you will be evicted, God willing ... and the next is Israel..."


Five years after the 9/11 terror attacks, al-Zawahiri called upon Muslims to increase acts of resistance against the Unites States.


Zawahiri's taped message was published on al-Qaeda's film website, al-Sahab, and parts of the message were broadcast on CNN. In the message, Zawahiri called upon Muslims to fight the US's allies in Somalia, where Islamic militia recently succeeded in removing the local, US-supported government from its capital.


He also called upon Kurds in Iraq to attack the American army in the country. Zawahiri even attacked those he call ' accomplices', who have, in his opinion, neglected Islam.


'Muslims, act quickly'  

The message seemed to have been taped recently, as Zawahiri related to the Israeli bombings in Lebanon and the kidnapping of the three Israeli soldiers from Gaza and the northern border.


Zawahiri criticized the west for arming Israel, and called upon Muslims of the world to 'act quickly and do all you can to help our Muslim brothers in Lebanon and Gaza'.

One of WTC towers collapses, 9/11 (Photo: AP)


Prior to the publication of Zawahiri's message, the website posted another short film, produced by al-Sahab, showing Osama bin Laden and other officials of the al-Qaeda organization, as they were supposedly plotting the 9/11 terror attacks.


It was a documentary style film, including narration and subtitles, and it was especially long in comparison to other films published by the organization. Parts of the film were revealed last week on the television network, al-Jazeera.


"The events of 9/11 were not planned behind computer or radar screens, nor in a military camp or control center. The planning occurred under the skies, in an atmosphere filled with fraternity and love of sacrificed life," the film's narrator said.


Memorials will be held worldwide on Monday, in memory of 9/11's 2,973 victims.


On Sunday, US President George W. Bush, along with his with wife Laura, laid bouquets on ground zero, took part in a mass at St. Paul's cathedral in New York City, and visited with fireman that helped in saving survivors in the towers.


Bush is also expected to take part in a memorial service for the passengers of United 93 that managed to over power their hijackers and crash the plane in an open field in Pennsylvania.


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