Bottles for recycling

Coming soon: Recycle bins at gas stations

Environment minister hopes initiative encourages rise in number of bottles recycled

A revolution in the recycling field is occurring. Soon, gas stations will have automated machines for collecting bottles to be recycled. The machines will provide money for each bottle collected.


Environment Minister Gideon Ezra harnessed gas companies into this initiative, and estimates that he will be able to expand the current Knesset Deposit Law – which states that each recycled bottle will be reimbursed – to include 1.5 liter bottles.


So far, the law only applies to smaller bottles, mainly because of objections from oltra-Orthodox parties.


The Deposit Law was meant to encourage soft drink consumers to return bottles in exchange for the 25 agorot (roughly 6 cents) paid as a deposit at the time of purchase, so that they might be recycled.



Each year, billions of bottles, big and small, as well as cans and other drink containers are used. Only 60 percent of all debited bottles are returned to be recycled.


Estimates show that a significant amount of bottle pickups are made by criminal organizations. Over the years, it has become clear that one of the main problems is the lack of collection points, and marketing companies unwilling to participate in the collection.


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