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Tali Fahima
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Fahima to serve full sentence for insolence
State Prosecutor's Office opposes convict's request for early parole after serving two thirds of her sentence, claiming she had not shown good behavior. Fahima’s attorney: State Prosecutor's Office opposed release as opposed to its obligations in plea bargain
The Israel Prison Services' parole board ruled on Wednesday that Tali Fahima would not be granted early parole at the end of serving two thirds of her sentence, because she acted in an insolent and rude manner toward prison guards. The board will review her request for early parole again in late December.


Fahima was convicted of having contact with a foreign agent, passing on information to the enemy, and violating legal instructions. Based on a plea bargain she signed nearly a year ago, she was meant to serve a three-year sentence. Fahima requested early parole at the end of two years of her three-year sentence.


Headed by Judge Nira Lidski, the parole board accepted requests made by the State Prosecutor's Office not to release Fahima. The board’s decision leaned on reports showing Fahima’s insolent and rude behavior, as well as remarks she made while in solitary confinenment.


The plea bargain reached between Fahima and the State Prosecutor's Office included an agreement saying the office would not oppose early parole, although the officials at the office said Wednesday that Pahima’s continued negative behavior prevented her eligibility for parole.


Fahima’s attorney, Smadar Ben-Natan, said that her client had exhibited good behavior in the past three months, and that if her good behavior was maintained three months more, she would be granted early parole.


It’s all because her name is Tali Fahima 

Following the conviction, Sara Lahiani, Tali Fahima’s mother, said: “The country has a problem with itself and is looking for scapegoats. Every once in a while, stories are made up, and this time my daughter is in focus.”


Lahiani continued: “They claim she was rude, but she didn’t hurt anyone. They should have released her today, yet they still rejected her, and all because my daughter's name is Tali Fahima. She didn’t do anything wrong, not then, and not now either. She is a victim.”


Lahiani even criticized the Israel Prison Service, saying: “It’s unacceptable that my daughter was put in solitary confinement for a week for calling a prison guard rude. People don’t know the kind of country we live in."


Lahiani added: “That’s too much. How much can a person take? Tali didn’t have a senior position in the army, and she didn’t work for the police so she didn’t have intelligence information. She just wanted to establish a club in Jenin. The Shin Bet wanted her to work for them and she didn’t agree so they slandered her.”


Yael Lerer, a member of the committee for Fahima’s release, said: “The parole board’s decision and the Shin Bet’s stance are even more proof of this inflated balloon being empty. Tali’s story was blown out of proportion, and there was no reason for her to spend even one day in jail.”


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