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Eighty-three percent are satisfied with their occupation
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Only 44 percent of haredi men in work force

Survey conducted by Israel Central Bureau of Statistics shows 95 percent of secular men, 72 percent of men and 54 percent of women are part of work force; 48 percent are satisfied with job as well as salary

The work force in Israel consists of 62.6 percent of the population of 20 years old and over. In the Jewish population, 95 percent of the secular men are in the work force, 93 percent of the conservative ones are in the work force, 91 percent are of the religious population and 44 percent are from ultra-Orthodox backgrounds.


In terms of the women's participation in the work force, 83 percent of the secular women are in the labor market, 77 percent are conservative, 72 percent are religious and 55 percent are haredi.


These statistics were revealed in a social survey conducted by the Israel Central Bureau of Statistics, published on Thursday.


In total, 72 percent of the men and 54 percent of the women are in the work force. The Arab population in the work force is of 11.1 percent. The work force of the population of 20 years and over includes 91.5 percent who are employed and 8.5 percent who are unemployed.


Half are satisfied with their salary

Overall, 83 percent of the workers are satisfied with their occupation. Statistics show that the rate of satisfaction is higher as the seniority and salary is higher.


A third of the people in the job market are satisfied with their occupations but not with their salary, half are satisfied with their salary, and 48 percent are satisfied with their job as well as their salary. The highest rate of those satisfied with their work but not with their salary are the teachers and the kindergarten teachers.


The survey also revealed that 37.4 percent of the population of 20 years and over is not in the job market. Half of them are over 54 years of age, and 16 percent of them are 20 to 24.


Thirty-six percent of those who are not in the job market look after children or housekeeping; 25 percent suffer from a certain handicap or an ongoing condition; 19 percent pursue academic studies, 59 percent of which are men who are self-proclaimed “haredim” and attend a yeshiva.


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