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Nonaligned nations slam Israel, US; support Iran
118 Nonaligned Movement nations slam Israel for attacking Lebanon, support diplomacy in US-Iran nuclear dispute

Representatives of 118 Nonaligned Movement nations condemned Israel's attacks on Lebanon and supported a peaceful resolution to the US-Iran nuclear dispute in the final declaration Saturday of a summit that brought together some of the world's staunchest American foes.


The 92-page declaration also broadly condemned terrorism - with exceptions for movements for self-determination and battles against foreign occupiers.


The statements, many of which contain veiled criticisms of the US, were approved by unanimous consent after another round of speeches Saturday night by leaders of the Nonaligned Movement.


"No one in the Nonaligned Movement thinks that the United States is responsible for all the problems, but many think that it is for some," Cuba's Foreign Minister Felipe Perez Roque said.


The movement expressed “great concern over the acquisition of nuclear capability by Israel, which poses a serious and continuing threat to the security of neighboring and other States, and condemned Israel for continuing to develop and stockpile nuclear arsenals.”


The summit’s final document further stated: “The Heads of State or Government reaffirmed their support for the Middle East peace process based on Security Council resolutions 242, 338, 425, 1397 and 1515 and on the principle of land for peace. They rejected attempts to alter the terms of reference of the peace process and further rejected the imposition of unilateral measures and plans aimed at imposing an unlawful unilateral solution by Israel, the occupying Power.


“They stressed the need for a resumption of direct and substantial negotiations between the parties for the achievement of a comprehensive,
just lasting and peaceful settlement, based on the relevant UN resolutions and in accordance with the rules and principles of international law enshrined therein. In this regard, they reiterated the necessity and urgency of ending the prolonged and unlawful Israeli occupation of all of the Arab territories occupied since 1967. They further reaffirmed their long-standing position in support of the establishment of the independent State of Palestine in all of the Palestinian Territory occupied by Israel in 1967, including East Jerusalem as its capital.”


On the war in Lebanon, the document concluded that, “The Heads of State or Government expressed strong condemnation of the relentless Israeli aggression launched against Lebanon and the serious violations by Israel of the Lebanese territorial integrity and sovereignty, and in this regard charged Israel with full responsibility for the consequences of its aggression.”


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