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Nasrallah makes first postwar public appearance

Leader of Shiite group arrives at the Shiite stronghold in Dahiyeh in Beirut

Hizbullah chief Hassan Nasrallah arrived at the Shiite stronghold of Dahiyeh in southern Beirut where he will deliver a 'victory' speech before thousands of supporters.


Tens of thousands of people are streaming into Beirut for the 'divine victory' rally where victory celebrations will be held by Hizbullah in Dahiya, Beirut, following the war with Israel.

Hizbullah backers heading to Beirut (Photo: Reuters)


The rally kicked off at 4:30 p.m. and according to the Arab media, people from across the cities and villages in south Lebanon poured in from Thursday evening in order to find space.


The thousands who already entered the area are waving Hizbullah flags, pictures of Nasrallah, and various leaflets, including the banner: "At your call, Nasrallah."

Waving en route to the rally (Photo: AFP)


The enormous event will be broadcast by Hizbullah's TV station al-Manar, which has deployed correspondents throughout the area.


Other than local residents, various delegations from across the Arab world and from political movements in Lebanon are expected to attend.


Hizbullah has sent invitations to ministers of the Lebanese government, but did not send invites to the prime minister and their political rival, Fuad Siniora.


In recent days the organization has been ambivalent over the question of whether Hassan Nasrallah, who has been hiding since the start of the war with Israel, will appear. Despite the mystery, it seems Nasrallah is expected to speak, and praise Hizbullah. Similar expectations were voiced by Hizbullah sources in the as-Safir Lebanese newspaper on Thursday.


When asked whether the IDF plans to strike Hizbullah, Chief of Staff Dan Halutz refrained from directing a direct answer. Hizbullah members said they would "burn Israel" if it dared strike their leader, and the political and military leadership do not appear to be interested in risking the death of thousands of civilians in the audience in an assassination attempt on Nasrallah.


Nasrallah will no doubt bring up the words of Prime Minister Ehud Olmert, who said the Hizbullah leader was hiding in the bunker while the prime minister was freely walking around the north.


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