MOdel of the Temple
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Coin form Second Temple
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Researcher: Temple treasure is in West Bank

British expert on archeology of holy land says that despite claims that treasures of Temple are in Vatican, they are actually located in Palestinian Authority, a revelation which is about to 'shock the religions of the world'

Where are the treasures of the Temple? A British archeologist is arguing that despite the claims that the treasures of the Temple are in the vaults of the Vatican, they are actually located in their original place – the Holy Land.


The London Times reported that Dr. Sean Kingsley, an expert on the archeology of the Holy Land, claims that he found a series of treasures, including silver trumpets, golden candlesticks, and other jewelry, which were a part of the a cargo shipment that was headed for Rome after the destruction of the Second Temple in 70 CE. According to him, his study is based on historical writings of Josephus from the first century CE and on other historical writings from that era.


After decades of searching and probing the holy scriptures, the archeologist reached the conclusion that the treasure was taken out of Rome in the fifth century CE. He discovered that it was transported to Carthage, a city-state near Tunisia which became an empire that controlled North Africa and the Mediterranean, and to Constantinople (Turkey) and Algeria. The treasures were then returned to Jerusalem and hidden under a monastery.


Kingsley explained that during the 1990s Israeli and Vatican officials confronted each other on the issue of location of these treasures. Israel even claimed that the Pope was hiding them in Rome. "The Temple treasure remains a deadly political tool in the volatile Arab-Israeli conflict centered on the Temple Mount," said Kingsley. “The treasure’s final hiding place – in the modern West Bank . . . deep in Hamas territory – will rock world religions,” he added.


The Vatican has told Dr. Kingsley that there is no evidence that the treasure is located within their territory. "I am the first person to prove that the Temple treasures no longer languish in Rome,” said Kingsley.


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