Photo: Ata Awisat
Asher Weisgan
Photo: Ata Awisat

Jewish terrorist gets 4 life sentences

Asher Weisgan was found guilty of murdering four Palestinians who worked with him at aluminum factory in West Bank settlement of Shilo; claimed he carried out heinous act to stop the disengagement, encourage others to follow suit

The Jerusalem District Court sentenced Asher Weisgan, who was found guilty of murdering four Palestinians who had worked with him in an aluminum factory at the West Bank settlement of Shilo in August 2005, to four life sentences. He was sentenced to an additional 12 years for attempted murder and was ordered to compensate the victims’ families.


Weisgan – a resident of the Shvut Rachel settlement in the West Bank and father of two – claimed that he carried out this heinous act in a bid to stop the disengagement and with the thought that his actions would encourage others to follow suit.


On September 11, 2006, three judges, headed by Justice Moshe Ravid, convicted Weisgan on four counts of murder and attempted murder, sabotage and wounding under severe circumstances.


On August 18, 2005, at 4:45 p.m., as he was driving the four Palestinians out of Shilo, Weisgan stopped at the entrance gate to the settlement, stepped out of the car and approached the security guard’s booth; the guard was under the assumption that Weisgan came to collect the Palestinians’ identification cards, which they deposited there at the start of each workday. Weisgan then asked for water and snatched the guard’s loaded M-16 rifle.


Shot Palestinians at close range

He then approached the vehicle and fired 5-6 bullets at each passenger from close range and began to run back to the factory with the intent of killing another Arab worker.


One of the injured Palestinians chased after Weisgan while shouting “Asher, what are you doing?” Weisgan turned around and fired a few more bullets at the Palestinian but missed.


The settler eventually made his way to the factory and opened fire at the remaining Palestinian worker from short range. At this stage Weisgan ran out of bullets, replaced the magazine and shot the injured Palestinian in the head and chest.


A few minutes later Weisgan came running out of the factory and turned himself in to a security officer who arrived at the scene.


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