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Dig at David's City
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Has King David's spa been uncovered?

Jerusalem digs reveal a tunnel possibly leading to the king's pool

There's a buzz of excitement among archeologists. In recent days, archeological digs in Jerusalem revealed a tunnel that, according to a number of estimates, leads to a pool used by King David.


The digs, which have been underway for years, are located in David's City, west of the Wailing Wall. A year ago, archeologists discovered a pool from the days of the Second Temple that had been used by pilgrims to Jerusalem, to refresh them after their long journey.


Recently, the edge of a tunnel was discovered in the digs. Archeologists posit that it leads to a pool, originally located next to a garden full of fruit trees, where King David and other kings of the dynasty used to bathe.


In order to ascertain whether it is really King David's spa, it will be necessary to dig for several months to the other end of the 30 meter long tunnel. Such digging requires special permission from the Greek Orthodox patriarchy, who is the holder of the land.


Professor Ronny Reich of Haifa University, the leading archeologist at the David City dig, does not believe that the tunnel leads to King David's baths and said that only when the dig uncovers dateable artifacts will they be able to posit what lies at the other end.


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