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Jumblatt. 'A real threat from Israel''
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Assad. 'Strange declarations'
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Jumblatt: Assad has split personality

Lebanon Druze leader doesn’t understand Syrian president’s ‘strange’ declarations. 'On the one hand he is trying to please Israel and US, and on the other hand he is thwarting establishment of unity government in territories'

Lebanon’s Druze leader Walid Jumblatt said Thursday that “Syrian President Bashar Assad suffers from split personality disorder and is doing everything to please Israel and the United States on the one hand, but is obstructing the establishment of a unity government in the territories on the other.”


In an interview with Nazareth based Arab-Israel newspaper al-Sinara which will be published on Friday, Jumblatt spoke of the Syrian president’s latest statements and said, “It’s a strange thing. In Lebanon, Bashar Assad wants to crush the national unity government, and in Palestine he is obstructing the efforts to establish a national unified government through his speeches.”


“Then he calls and runs towards the Israelis and Americans in order to please,” he continued. “It’s a strange thing. It looks like the man has a split personality disorder. His declarations are strange. He even sabotaged the Qatari initiative to establish a unified government in Palestine.”


This was the first time that Jumblatt attacked the Syrian president head-on, and he didn’t hesitate in voicing firm opinions against him. In the same breathe, Jumblatt took the opportunity to mock Syria’s weakness and Iran’s growing strength.


'Hizbullah won, for a second time'

He said, “It seems the Iranian decision has become more powerful and important. Syria, which used to use the Islamic Republic of Iran in favor of the national dimension at one stage or another, has become a pawn in the hand of the Iranian regime.”


Jumblatt even expressed fears of another round of war between Israel and Lebanon following the recent war which he defined as a victory.


“There is a real threat from Israel. If Israel didn’t learn its lesson from the recent war, and if there is still a group in Israel that wants to re-avenge, it means we will go through the same cycle again and return to the starting point.”


Jumblatt said that the recent war was victorious over Israel and added, “Hizbullah won, for a second time. We may have given up on this victory, but the resistance won and that should be acknowledged.”


He bitterly complained about Hizbullah’s secretary-general dedicating the victory to himself instead of Lebanon, and said, “So far, he has dedicated the victory to himself. We are waiting for him to give it to the country on of these days."


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