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Hamas: US working to topple our gov't

Group officials enraged over report that Americans will transfer USD 42 million to Fatah in order to strengthen movement. 'Financing aimed at overturning results of democratic elections in Palestinian Authority and bringing down government,' Hamas statement says

The Hamas faction in the Palestinian Legislative Council on Saturday accused sourced in Fatah and associates of Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas of cooperating with the American government and receiving financial aid from the United States in order to carry out a coup against the Hamas-led government.


In response to Friday's report that the American government is financing the Fatah movement with USD 42 million, in order to strengthen the group opposite Hamas, Hamas officials said that the financing was aimed at "overturning the results of the democratic elections in the Palestinian Authority and bring down the government."


A statement issued by Hamas also said, "This is not the first time we discover that the US has transferred funds to Fatah. In the general Palestinian parliament elections the (American) government financed Fatah parliament members, but the financial aid did not help them and they were defeated in the elections.


"Still, they are the ones continuing to incite against the government, wearing the new clothes of the president's advisors."


Hamas officials said there was an American plot with the help of agents "offering themselves in a public auction in order to receive benefits from them and get some of these funds. Each one of them has managed to describe the Palestinian government in a vulgar manner, calling it a Nazi, fascist and racist government, while strengthening the Zionist enemy's claims for free and dismissing it of its crimes against the Palestinians."


'Lies are being spread'

The statement also mentioned the name of Abbas' advisor, Yasser Abed Rabbo.


"As part of the American scenario, which wants to weaken the government, lies are being spread in order to create a gloomy atmosphere in the Palestinian street and work to establish a government which does not reflect the election results, which will surrender to the international Quartet's demands.


"We would like to note that the Palestinian public feels disgusted by Abed Rabbo and his plots, which were manifested in the agreement he reached with the Zionist Yossi Beilin, called the Geneva Accord, which conceded the refugees' right of return and the holy sites."


Meanwhile, the American Time Magazine reported that commanders in Hamas' military wing were considering carrying out terror attacks against US targets in the Middle East.


A commander of the armed wing told Time, “The US has become very hostile to the Palestinians. We shouldn't stand by idly while the Americans are plotting against us."


He noted that Hamas chiefs felt their patience with the United States had run out and that it was time to take action against it.


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