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Qassam near kibbutz Nir Am
Photo: Reuters

New: Qassam rockets with Hebrew captions

Rocket bearing caption 'al-Quds' in Hebrew lands in Sderot residential neighborhood Monday evening; one person lightly injured, six others treated for shock. Islamic Jihad operative explains inscription aimed at distinguishing between their rockets and Hamas'

A Qassam rocket landed Monday evening in the southern town of Sderot near a residential building. One person sustained light injuries and six others suffered from shock.


Sderot spokesman Yossi Cohen says that the rocket damaged gas tanks, smashed window panes and damaged other property.


He added that the people living in the area are composed mostly of the elderly and new immigrants. The words "al-Quds" were written on the rocket in Hebrew.

Rocket with Hebrew inscription (Photo: Reuters)


On Monday morning, a rocket landed in an open field near the western Negev kibbutz of Nir Am, causing no injuries or damage.


For the first time Monday, a rocket bearing a caption in Hebrew – "al-Quds 3" - was photographed. The rocket was fired by Islamic Jihad gunmen. The group's spokesman in Gaza, Abu Abdullah, explained to the Reuters news agency that the decision to write the rocket's name in Hebrew was aimed at ensuring that credit for the attack goes to the appropriate group.


"This is meant at distinguishing between our rockets and rockets fired by other organizations," he stated.


Islamic Jihad members are apparently dissatisfied with the fact the in Israel, all rockets are referred to as "Qassams," a name identified with Hamas' military wing. Hamas' spokesman Abu Qussai stated that operatives of other groups wrote the rocket's name in Hebrew "in order to differentiate between us and them, and stress their commitment to the resistance to Israel."


Another representative of the group, Abu Ubeida, declared that Hamas had no intention of adding Hebrew inscription to their rockets. "When everybody is determined to strike the enemy, this is a victory for Hamas' Jihad agenda," he proclaimed.


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