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In Uman
Photo: Reuters

Breslov Hassids impersonate each other

Hassids with criminal background use look-alike passports to visit tomb of Rabbi Nachman

What did the honorable Breslov Hassids do to allow their colleagues, who had a criminal background, to visit the tomb of Rabbi Nachman in Uman? They lent them their passports.


During the High Holiday period 12 thousand Breslov Hassids left Israel on 80 flights to visit the tomb of Rabbi Nachman of Breslov.


While passengers were going through passport control, border police noticed that several passengers were using passports that didn't belong to them. Police investigations revealed that the holders of the passports had a criminal background and were banned from leaving the country.


Apparently, the suspects had contacted their friends who resembled them physically and asked to use their passports.



"There was a mass exit of Breslov Hassids and they all looked alike," said Yigal Duchan, director of the Population Administration office at Ben Gurion Airport.


"To overcome the problem, which has become widespread in recent years, we asked the community leaders to identify and verify all passport bearers."


The alleged imposters were apprehended and it was reported that they would stand trial for impersonation. The Ministry of Interior reported that additional ways are being examined to deal with the matter.


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