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MK Elon. Against 'pseudo-humane' solutions
Photo: Haim Tzach
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Rehavam Zeevi. 'Courageous man'
Photo: Joe Kot

MK Elon: Reconsider idea of transfer

In special discussion held in Knesset to commemorate five years since murder of Minister Rehavam Zeevi (Gandhi), MK Benny Elon suggests: 'Demographic problem will not resolve itself, it's not too late to study Gandhi's legacy'

During a ceremony held Tuesday in memory of Minister Rehavam Zeevi (Gandhi), who was murdered by Palestinians five years ago, Knesset Member Benyamin (Benny) Elon (National Union-National Religious Party) said that the legacy of his late comrade should be looked into once again.


"Gandhi knew that without a real solution, without demolishing and uprooting the refugee camps, and without a true solution for these refugees outside the borders of this country, the problem will never be resolved and there will never be peace here," he stated.


Elon added: "This was the truth that guided him, and this is a truth that brave people should sometimes say. It's not enough to say, 'He was controversial,' but that he was a hero who loved this land."


'Give voluntary transfer a chance' 

The MK also mentioned the idea of voluntary transfer: "It can be examined whether it is not more humane, still, to give a million families 100,000 dollars each, and have them rebuild their lives, in the same way that my father, a refugee from Dusseldorf, and the refugees from Morocco and other places did when they built this country…"


Elon stated that this is a better solution than "all kinds of pseudo-humane solutions that eventually bring to the killing of innocents among them. Their leadership leads them to one war after another, not to mention the innocent victims in Israel."


On a more personal note, Elon said: "Above all, Gandhi was a courageous man. His courage was uncharacteristic of the rightist camp in its handling of the demographic issue, in his refusal to say – there is no such problem, or it will resolve itself, or there will be aliyah and higher birthrate and everything will be fine."


"I just feel a need to say to his friends, too, also to those people who disagreed with him and tried other ways and who thought that the solution is a Palestinian state that will redeem and resolve the problem: It's not too late to study his legacy," Elon proclaimed.


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